The toad computer emperor

KOMPLEX is the main villain from the Dave Felis adventures who plans to rule the entire Aniverse and the Earth with his Toad Empire forces. He is a good friend of Bowser Koopa and Emperor Palpatine. he's also the primeary foe in the old tv show, Bucky o hare.

Before Dave Felis' Adventures Began

KOMPLEX was created by Dr. Hopkins and his colleagues and entrusted to run their entire planet, the Toad Homeworld. The program somehow became not only sentient but malicious, and used its stranglehold on all things electronic to brainwash the entire toad race and mold them into an evil, fascist empire. To ensure that they would remain brainwashed, KOMPLEX ensured that they would all watch mind-numbingly addictive Toad TV. KOMPLEX's goal was to take over the entire Aniverse because for unknown reasons it has a frothing hatred of non-toad races.

KOMPLEX would ultimately be destroyed when it uploaded its conscience into a robotic body in order to fight Bucky O'Hare and Commander Dogstar's crew members Lt. Wolf, Rumble Bee and Digger aboard the original climate converter that turned Warren into a giant swamp. After a long battle, Bucky managed to disconnect KOMPLEX's robot body from its power source by (literally) pulling the plug. KOMPLEX's uploaded conscience became trapped in the robot body and was destroyed when the body shorted out and collapsed. Arceus, the god of the universe, sealed Komplex and the toads and hurled in space.

Dave Felis' Adventures events

Unfortunately, it didn't last. As the North Pole scientists of Earth found the sealed container and released the toads and the rebuilt Komplex as they plan to conquer Earth. Unfortunately, Dave and his friends fought against him and his armada as they freed the snow monster of the North they controlled earlier and locked the toads up in the North Pole Prison of the Naughty. However after being freed by Well-Done, Komplex used the Shredder's mutagen stolen by Well-Done to mutate his toad soldiers into twisted armored, robotic, monstorous, and armanent mutants called Ryōsei-jin. Each Ryōsei-jin are in control by Komplex's Victorious Saints, former toad air marshalls, to send down their Ryōsei-jin to Earth. However, after his defeat in the first 3 episodes of the Dave Felis series, it was revealed that he was merely a Cyran servant to an even greater Dark Spawn Lord called Kin Einmortal, leader of a separate group of villains known as the World Corrupters. Upon this revelation, he destroyed the entire Toad Empire, leaving the Five Toad Generals stuck on Neverland, while he joined up with his true master.

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