Kaa the Snake's full body

Kaa the Snake (voiced by Sterling Holloway, Scarlett Johansson in the 2016 film, and currently Jim Cummings) is a sneaky python who is a minor villian in Pooh's Adventures of The Jungle Book. In the movie, he tried to get Mowgli by hypnotizing him, wrapping him up in his coils and eat him, but Bagheera and Pooh and the others stopped him to save Mowgli. Kaa did the same thing on Bagheera, but Mowgli pushed him out of the tree and Kaa slithered away. Later in the movie, as Mowgli was running through the Jungle, Kaa appeared again and tries to do it again, but this time, Shere Khan appears and Kaa hide Mowgli so Shere Khan won't have him. After Shere Khan walks away to continue his search for Mowgli, Mowgli pushed Kaa out of the tree again and Kaa watches him run off and he just slithered away.

Rivalry with Sunil Nevla