Kagome Higurashi

Kagome Higurashi
(voiced by Moneca Stori, Kira Tozer (Final Act)) was born in modern Japan as the modern-day reincarnation of the feudal era, miko Kikyō. She was unknowingly born with the legendary Shikon no Tama inside her body until the day of her fifteenth birthday, when a yōkai pulled her into her family's sacred well, taking her roughly five hundred years back in time. They emerge in the feudal era, where the demon extracts the newly reborn gem from Kagome. Kagome accidentally shatters the jewel into hundreds of fragments that disperse all throughout Japan. Together with the hanyō Inuyasha, she had to recover all the shards of the Jewel before they fall into the evil influence of the evil mastermind Naraku.


  • Spiritual powers
  • Purification abilities
  • Detect and purify the Sacred Jewel
  • Enhanced marksmanship
  • Detect the presence of evil


  • Bow
  • Sacred longbow of Mount Azusa
  • Sacred arrows