This is how Keeping the Overlord from getting the Dark Spark goes in My Little Pony: Fight for the Dark Spark.

[Twilight and the others hurry on]

Twilight Sparkle: ???

Optimus Prime: Come on! [???

Twilight Sparkle: Okay, here's the truth. You know that Dark Spark they're looking for? I accidentally brought it here. We tried to get it back, but Pythor had a secret plot, and now the Overlord's right behind us and he's trying to kill us.

Princess Celestia: Is that true?

[The Dark Spark jumps up and down inside Starlight's saddlebags]

[Celestia skids to a stop]

Twilight Sparkle: Try to think of something to distract him!

[They disappear]

[Celestia turns and sees the Overlord]

The Overlord: Hey! Watch it! [growls in frustration] Idiot!

[Celestia grips her teeth and her horn sparks]

[Twilight and the others arrive at the Castle of Friendship]

[Twilight starts casting the transportation spell]

[The Overlord and Pythor arrive]

The Overlord: There they are!

[The ponies and Autobots turn and gasp]

[Celestia's holograph appears in the room]

[The Overlord climbs up another pole with his four arms and grabs another door]

[The ponies and Autobots are carried into a tunnel]

The Overlord: Give me that Dark Spark!

[The door is shut]

[The Overlord crashes into it]

[The ponies and Autobots arrive in a tower]

Optimus Prime: Follow me.

[They run]

[They follow Optimus through the tower]

[Optimus leads them to another door]

[The Overlord arrives]

Optimus Prime: There he is. Come on.




Pinkie Pie: ????



Smokescreen: Pinkster?



Smokescreen: [???] Oh, sorry.

Pinkie Pie: ???