Kendall is Commander Atom's loyal right hand assistant and
a recurring character in The FT Squad's Adventures Series. She is a tomboyish girl with blonde hair and purple eyes. While sometimes very humorous towards her students as well as Atom, she is very encouraging and determined in whatever she does. She is an original character created by kylgrv.


Kendall was once a worker for hire in the original universe. After a while, Kendall felt that she was too good at many things and wanted a job that she can be good at yet stay with it. She was a hard working person who has taken many jobs, all of which have required different talents, until she met Commander Atom of Future Time Travel. Upon requested a job as a teacher to new students, Kendall accepted the offer. After a few years, she went up in ranks from new teacher to second in command.  She decided she'd keep this job and Atom was proud of her for her hard work.

A few years later, Atom invited five new students: Kyle, Rudy, Dennis, Cassidy and Kimmy, to Future Time Travel.  During their days as newcomers, Kendall was someone who could provide useful advice and was someone who would make them laugh.  The five students haven't interacted with Kendall a lot, like they have with Atom, but they still considered Kendall a great friend and role model.  Kendall was very proud of them when they all graduated from their Future Time Travel tests and formed their team; the FT Squad (Future Time Travel Squadron.)

Since that graduation, Kendall has lost contact with the squad. She was unable to make it for the battle against Human X, but she heard about the squad transforming into animals to fit in with Lake Hoohaw, and found it cute. Kendall finally met the squad again after the long journey to recover the Wuzzle realm's music source, with a little help from Kaytlin, a fellow Future Time Travel student who was the only one of her team to graduate and travel to Dimension 3. After succeeding in the mission, Atom allowed Kaytlin to join Kyle's squad. Kendall has since kept in contact with the team on their adventures, and has sometimes come to their assistance at times, though not as much as Atom.


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