Khalil the Caterpillar
Khalil the Caterpillar 
(often known as "Carlyle" by Jonah) is half-caterpillar, half-worm, who is a sidekick and companions with Jonah in Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie. Khalil made his debut in the first VeggieTales film. He has blue / baige skin and a black moustache. He is a small business operator; a Persian traveling salesman. He sells Persian rugs door-to-door. After becoming a bit discouraged by his profession, he decided to set sail for greener pastures. That is when he met Jonah earlier in the film. He wears an ancient red turbin with a red vest. When he and Jonah first met, he told Jonah that he is a caterpillar, but that is only half true; his mother was a caterpillar and his father was a worm, but he is okay with that now. His catch phrase is "That runs very deep in my family!". He has some headphones, which he wears to hear the Self-Help Tape voice tell him what he is.



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