Mew Kikki

Kikki in her Mew Mew form with her Golen Tambourine.

Kikki Mew Mew Mark

Kikki's Mew Mew mark.

Kikki Benjamin is one of the main protagonists of Mew Mew Power. She is the Mew Mew of the Golden Tamarin Lion Monkey and an old friend of Lita (Sailor Jupiter) and April (Glitter Spring). She is well known for doing crazy tricks and putting on street shows. She is the most energetic one of the Mew Mews. When she first met Zoey, she made a shark pop out of a hat causing Zoey's cat ears and tails to pop out causing her to chase Zoey around town. When she gets saved by from Dren by Zoey she later becomes a Mew Mew. Her Mew Mew mark is located on her forehead.

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