Here is how Killer Shrew attack, Yuna's injured, Rescue came from Scorpan and Chase in the Skies goes in Yuna and the Fellowship of the Amulet.

The next morning, The foals are on their way to Equinelantis.

Princess Yuna: Come on, This way to Equinelantis!

Nyx: We're keeping up as fast as we can!

Puss In Boots: Exactly!

Then, They discovered a Caravan.

Humpty Dumpty: We'll rest here tonight.

As they entered the Caravan.

Princess Yuna: It looks cozy.

Snowdrop: I can feel it.

Shrek: Now, You kiddies wait here. We're gonna have a look around the perimeter.

Princess Yuna: We'll be okay, Shrek.

Snowdrop: We're not scared.

Princess Skyla: And we'll make sure we stay together.

Zeñorita Cebra: No problemo.

Nyx: And we won't go anywhere else.

Shrek: Good, We'll be right back.

That night.

Princess Yuna: (rising the Moon) Perfect.

Then, They heard some shrieking noise.

Quaker: What was that!?

Roger: It's only an owl.

Then, They saw something monstrous.

Judy: It's the Killer Shrews!

Princess Yuna: Everyone, Scatter!

The foals ran and ran.

Orange Cake: There's a higher ledge! We'll be safe up here!

Princess Yuna: Everypony! Up here! Quickly!

Josephine: Oh my!

Everyone climbed up so the Shrews won't get them.

Snowdrop: Yuna! Help!

Princess Yuna: I'm coming!

Round Up: Be careful!

Princess Yuna: (gives Snowdrop a boost)

Suddenly, One of the Shrews bit her on her wing.

Princess Yuna: Ow! (blasts them)

The Killer Shrews retreated as Shrek and the others came to the rescue.

Snowdrop: Humpty! Help her!

Humpty Dumpty: Don't worry, I got this! (brings out the anti shrew venom) Drink this, Yuna.

Princess Yuna: (drank the anti venom) Thank you.

Humpty Dumpty: No problem. (rapes some bandage on her wing) You're only temporally grounded until your wing heals.

Princess Yuna: Ow!

Humpty Dumpty: Sorry.

Scorpan: Yuna!

Princess Yuna: Scorpan!

Scorpan: Your wing is badly injured. We must get you to your grandfather. I've been looking for you for days.

Snowdrop: Where are you taking her?

Scorpan: I'm a faster flyer. I'm taking her to Equinelantis.

Shrek: Scorpan, Wait. The skies are too dangerous.

Puss in Boots: It'll bw swarming with Wyverns.

Scorpan: If the infection takes hold, She'll die. The power of Princess Celestia, Princess Sharon and King Solar Flare will protect her by the crack of dawn.

Prince Edmond: Be careful, Scorpan.

Scorpan: Of course, Prince Edmond.

And Scorpan took off with Yuna.

Then, the chase in the skies is on.

During the flight, Scorpan dodged from the Wyverns until they've given up.

Scorpan: Hold on, Yuna! You'll make it!

Princess Yuna: (barely awake)

Finally, Scorpan reached to Equinelantis.

Scorpan: Yuna! Hold on! Hold on!

And the screen fades.

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