This is where Decastator is killed and where our heroes race to Thomas in Revenge of The Ultratron.

[we return to the rest of our heroes]

Decastator: [is climbing on a building]

Cindy: What's he doing?

Jimmy: The harvestor must be under that building!

Zip: If they unlease that machine, our home planets will be destroyed!

[Then Megatrain shoots down a osprey and it crashes on the ground]

Vinny: That's a Osprey! Are you alright soldier? We're gonna help you, soldier!

Brian: Hey, you give me that radio. [The soldier does so and Brian starts walking towards the building]

Vinny: Brian, what are you doing?

Brian: Doing my duty! [runs up]

Elsa: Brian! Be careful.

Mike: You're crazy!

[Decastator is still climbing]

Brian: Come on! Once they start that machine. No more planets. I won't let that happen of my name isn't Brain Griffin!!

Decastator: Rah! [throws some several hooks up and continues climbing] Rar!

Brian: Huh? DAH! [avoids bricks] Come on, keep it up! Keep it up!

Decastator: [grunts as he climbs up the building] Yes. [he then starts tearing apart the top and starts sucking up many bricks]

Brian: [avoids them] Okay, gotta stop him. [activates radio] Is anyone there, over?

[out at sea, we veiw a ship]

Captain: This is the captain of the USS Ronald Regan. Who am I speaking to?

Brian: [on radio] Brain Griffin! Okay, Captain. Do you wanna discuss clearence stuff or do you wanna help sava a zillion lives?

Captain: I'm listening.

Brian: [through radio] Okay, we've got a huge robot remodeling a pyramid uncovering a machine that could destory the planets.

Captain: A machine that would destroy the planets?

Brian: [through radio] Our only hope is a weapon called a Rail-gun.

Captain: That's classified.

Brian: [through radio] Don't give me a damn, classified! Just get that thing ready!

Captain: Right, contact the USS Jetstream.

[Brians keeps climbing up the building and are just below Decasator]

Brian: [Through radio] I'm directally below the target's abdoman. Cordinates: Lat; 257, Long; 748. 7 clicks West.

[the USS Jetstream readies the rail-gun]

Pitty: Target locked.

Pitty #2: 3... 2... 1...

[rail-guns fires]

Decastator: [Gets hit by the rail gun] AAAAHHHH!!!!!

Brian: Yeah, yeah!

[back with the Sparkles they hide inside a building]

Nyx: Okay, here's how it's gonna work. We need to run to the soldiers, and I'll get to Thomas.

Skyla: But Nyx, what if it doesn't work? What if you're wrong?

Nyx: If I'm wrong.... we came all this way for nothing! [looks at the dust] It's got to work.

[Then they hear rumbling]

Nyx: Oh, shoot.

Twilight: Get down, get down.

[They hear more rumbling and Skyla covers her mouth. And Nyx looks out with a small hole, and wee see Track-Arachnis leading some Deceptitrains]

Track-Arachnis: Deceptitrains, find Nyx! And kill her!

[They soon begin searching for her. And we go back to the others, and a Deceptitrain-like Dragonfly flies in and sees Nyx, but Nyx uses her magic and pulls it apart. And the rumbling stops]

Mushu: [whimpering] Oh, shoot.

[Then suddenly a Deceptitrain rips off the roof and roars]

Shining Armor: RUN!!

[They run out as he tries to get Nyx and they come to a dead end on a roof as Deceptitrains find them too]

Princess Luna: We got to jump!

Snowdrop: But I can't jump, I'm blind, and I'm scared!

Mushu: Snowdrop, we got to! It's our only hope! I'll tell you what, I'll count to three, and we jump!

Snowdrop: Okay!

Mushu: 1, 2.....

[But before he can say "3", Nyx sees Track-Arachnis preparing to fire a plasma gun]

Nyx: 3!!!!

[She pushes them and they fly off the roof as Track fires and they land on the ground, and looks out the window]

Cadance: We got half a mile!

Yuna: We must keep going!

Nyx: Come on!

Track-Arachnis: Constructitrain #3, kill the foal.

[A Bulldozer Constructitrain appears]

Nyx: Whoa!

Bulldozer Constructitrain: I got you!

Nyx: Hold on. Hold on.

Bulldozer Constructitrain: You can't get through me.

Twilight: Nyx, what are you doing?!

[in the background, Nyx sees James]

James: [mouths] Keep him busy, I'll fix him.

Bulldozer Constructitrain: Whatcha' lookin' at?

Nyx: Nothing. [shows the bag] Look, here's what you want.

Bulldozer Constructitrain: The crystal.

Nyx: Yes.

Skyla: Nyx, just run! We'll all be killed anyway!

Nyx: Shh! I know what you want it's right here!

Bulldozer Constructitrain: It doesn't matter now. [as Smaug (in his version)] So tell me, Nyx Sparkle, how do you choose to die?

[James is now on top of a building]

[the "Indiana Jones theme" begins playing]

Nyx: JAMES!!

James: YAAH!! [jumps on the Constructitrain]

Bulldozer Constructitrain: Uh! [they start fighting]

James: [deploys his face shield]

Nyx: Kill him, James! Kill him!

James: [punches him several times and then delivers a hard kick] [twists his arm]

Bulldozer Constructitrain: GRAH!!!

James: [then punches him in the face]

Bulldozer Constructitrain: Doh!

James: [fires his plasma cannon]


[James fires several times, then he fires one shot at the Constructitrain's chest and it dies]

James: [retracts his face sheild] Stupid, Constructitrain!

Shining Armor: Good work, James.

James: Yeah!

Nyx: Now let's hurry, before the T-1000 comes back!

[then Percy arrives while riding on Cruncher (in dinosaur form)]

Percy: I think I can give you a hand with that. [hops off, then transforms into his tank engine form]

Cadance: Percy, I thought you were with the others.

Percy: They're with me!

Jimmy: Now, come on!

Nyx: Right.

[they hop into Percy and he takes off for Thomas]

Cruncher: [roaring] [he follows behind]

[We see Deceptitrains in there way]

Edward: We need to clear a path!

[Then Cruncher jumps in front of the others]

Cruncher: [starts killing Deceptitrains] ROAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!! [shoots out a huge fire ball]

[Then the Changeling train arrives]

Princess Choas: They're just ahead, mother!

Queen Chrysalis: Good. [draws her sword]

[With the villains]

Evil Jimmy: Get ready!

Dread Steam: On it!

[They get ready, as they get closer]

Percy: Where's the Terminator?

Princess Luna: He stayed behind to stall the T-1000.

Edd: I hope he's alright.

Edward: He'll be fine, he's a Terminator. (As Woody [in his own format]) Come on, he's not lying down on the job.

[we return to the Terminator (who is still pinned)]

Terminator: [grabs a pole and then he jams it into his arm and breaks loose. He then sets off to catch up with the others]

[we return to our heroes]

Princess Celestia: Hurry, Percy. Hurry!

Percy: I'm going as fast as I can go! We'll soon be at Thomas!

Puffer: Got some bad news guys! I'm running out of water!

Shai-Shay: Brilliant.

Puffer: Just go on, without me. [starts slowing down] Just go! Save yourselves!

Mighty Joe: [pushes him] We're not going without you!

Daylight: [hears something] Uh, bro? Is there suppose to be another train on the other line?

Mighty Joe: No.

Daylight: Then why do I hear another train?

[We see the Changeling train]

Captain Thorn: Remember us?

Cadance: [draws her raiper, then heads for the truck behind Percy]

Shining Armor: Be careful, sweetheart.

Cadance: I will. [continues heading for the truck]

Queen Chrysalis: [looks around] Alright, I know you're there. come on out.

Evil Jimmy: Come out here, doco.

Jimmy: There's my clone.

Evil Jimmy: Come here!

Jimmy: I'm right here.

Evil Jimmy: Bring it on.

Jimmy: Go ahead, make my day.

[the 2 then start fighting]

Carl: Go Jimmy! Go!

[They continue their fight]

Evil Jimmy: Is that all you got?

Jimmy: No. [punches him in the face]

Evil Jimmy: Uh!

Jimmy: [punches him again]

Evil Jimmy: [delivers a kick to Jimmy's face]

Jimmy: [falls back and hit his head on the front of the truck and is knocked out]

Carl: Jimmy!

Jimmy: [groans]


Sheen: Jimmy! Speak to us! Speak to us!

Evil Jimmy: He's gone! [cackles] So long, losers! [he jumps back onto the train]

Carl: Jimmy!

Cadance: [hops into the truck] What happened?

Sheen: Jimmy's dead!

Cadance: [feels his neck] He's not dead, he's unconconious.

Queen Chrysalis: Now, I got you! [she brings her sword up]

Cindy: Cadance, watch out!

Cadance: Whoa! [she moves out of the way]

[Chrysalis swings her sword. Then the 2 begin to sword duel as the trains continue]

Queen Chrysalis: I can give points for how you sword fight, princess. But I can still take you on!

Cadance: Not on my watch!

Skyla: Get her, mommy!

[The 2 continue their sword duel, as their swords clang with each strike]

Cadance: You'll never stop us!

Queen Chrysalis: Yes, we will!

Cadance: We will get that crystal to Thomas!

Queen Chrysalis: Not on my watch.

Princess Chaos: [takes out her dagger, to Skyla]


Princess Chaos: What's your case? Saving your friend?

Skyla: Please, leave me alone!

Princess Chaos: Not on my watch! Rrrrrraaaaaaaahhhh!!!! [Screen goes black]

[Their sword duel continues]

Queen Chrysalis: [swings her sword as it clashes with Cadance's]

Cadance: Thomas will be revived!

Skyla: Help!

Nyx: Skyla!

Skyla: [is pushing against Chaos' arm]

Nyx: Sky!

Skyla; Someone get this jerk off me!

Princess Chaos: [growls]

Skyla: Please, don't! My heart doesn't taste that good!

Princess Chaos: It does to me.

Nyx: [grabs a lump of coal from Percy's bunker]

Princess Chaos: Die! [takes out her dagger]

Skyla: NOOOO!!!!

Nyx: [throws the coal at Chaos]

Princess Chaos: OW!!

Nyx: [throws another]

Princess Chaos: [gets hit] You! [tackles Nyx]

Nyx: HEY!!

Princess Chaos: Your heart might be better.

Nyx: [uses her magic to grab a red hot coal from Percy's fire, then she puts it between Chaos' eyes]

Princess Chaos: AAAAH!!! [gets off Nyx]

Nyx: [touches the coal on Chaos' flank]

Princess Chaos: RAOW!!!!!

Nyx: [picks up Chaos] Get off our train and leave my cousin alone! [throws her back onto the Changling train]

Princess Chaos: AAAH!! Oof!

Discsalis: Ha-ah!

Princess Chaos: Shut up!

[Cadance and Chrysalis continue their duel]

Cadance: Die!

Queen Chrysalis: [clangs sword] You will not provail!

Cadance: Yes, we will.

Queen Chrysalis: Fine! [she then swings her leg and knocks Cadance down]

Cadance: AAH! OOF!

Skyla: MOMMY!!

Queen Chrysalis: [raises her sword] NOW, THERE WILL NO LONGER BE A PRINCESS OF LOVE!!!

Cadance: [watches in horror]

Princess Luna: Not on my watch! [throws Percy's brakes on hard]

[Percy's wheels lock and the train slows down, making Chrysallis miss]

Queen Chrysalis: Whoa!! [almost falls off but is caught by Discord]

Discord: I've got you!

Shining Armor: Full steam ahead!

[Luna takes the brakes off and puts the regulator to full power]

[Percy races by the Changling train]

Cruncher: [transforms into his train form and follows behind the brakevan]

Duncan: So long, suckers!

Queen Chrysalis: What? [looks up and sees them escaping] GRRR...

Princess Chaos: Are you okay mother?

Queen Chrysalis: Yeah, I'm fine. [looks to her daughter] You didn't try to eat Skyla's heart again, did you?

Princess Chaos: Maybe....

Queen Chrysallis: Grr... [picks up Chaos] Princess Chaos Fang Changling, how many times have I told not to try and eat her heart, young lady?!

Princess Chaos: [timidly] Hundreds or times..

Queen Chrysalis: For that, you won't get dessert for a whole 2 weeks, young lady!

Princess Chaos: WHAT?! But Mo...

Queen Chrysalis: No buts, about it! And don't worry, you won't get a spanking, since Nyx already burnt your rear with that coal.

Princess Chaos: Yes, mother.

Queen Chrysalis: March into that coach, and we'll talk later.

Princess Chaos: [her ears droop down as she walks away] Yes, mother.

Discsalis: Loser.

Princess Chaos: Shut up.

Queen Chrysalis: Give this train more power, we cannot let them reach Thomas!

Changling driver: Yes, your majesty!

[Our heroes are still racing towards Thomas]

Arcee #2: Spotted Percy!

Ironhide: Hey! Percy!

Percy: Ironhide!

Acree #3: Get to Thomas, we'll cover you.

Hound: If we stop covering you, it means we're dead. But that ain't gonna happen.

Piston Spark: Imcoming fire!

Arcee #3: [is hit] AAH!!!

Hound: [fires his triple Gatling gun] Take that! I'm a wicked warrior robot! [fires rockets] Damn!


Piston Spark: GET TO OPTHOMAS!!!

Hound: Go! [fires his shotgun]

Twilight: Go, go!

[They race as fast as they could]

Sheen: Jimmy! Jimmy!

Jimmy: [moans]

Carl: He's alive!

Jimmy: What happened?

Sheen: You've been knocked out.

Jimmy: By my evil self?

Carl: Yes.

Jimmy: Where is he?

Evil Jimmy: [voice only] Right behind you doc!

Jimmy: [looks back and sees his evil self driving up onboard Dread Steam]

Evil Jimmy: [as James Savoy] I'm coming for you! [jumps over and tackles Jimmy]

[the 2 jump into the third truck]

[The 2 then fight, then they came to a pause]

Evil Jimmy: You never should have got Celebi out of my grasp.

Jimmy: You never should have returned.

Evil Jimmy: [scoffs] [takes out a Changeling sword]

Jimmy: [picks up one of the lumps of coal Nyx threw and throws it at his evil self]

Evil Jimmy: Doh! 

Jimmy: [fires his zap watch at his evil self's chest and kills him]

Sheen: Alright, Jimmy!

Dread Steam: [blows out steam in anger]

[back with NEST, Wonderbolts, Autobots, and Trainbots]

Spitfire: [firing her M4] Keep firing!

Lennox: We need an air strike!

Spiker: Keep her up! OpThomas depends on it!

Soarin': We have location of our target. She was last spotted at the pillars! And the others are with her!

Lennox: Pop green smoke!

Spitfire: [does so]

Optimus: Please hurry, guys! [to Thomas] We'll soon have you revived.

[with the others]

Percy: We're almost there!

Princess Celestia: Nice work, keep it up!

Lennox: [sees our heroes] There they are!

Rex: I see them.

[our heroes continue racing for them as Megatrain follows]

Megatrain: [hit by 2 rockets] Wanna play rough? [cocks his fusion shotgun] (growling) We'll play rough.

[Our heroes then reach the soldiers]

Clone Trooper: [gets shoot and does the Wilhelm scream]

Spitfire: Come on!

Soarin': Get over here!

Captain Rex: Quick, hurry! Hustle, hustle, hustle! [shoots a Deceptitrain]

Lennox: There better be a good reason why you came here.

Twilight: Where's Thomas?

Fives: He's over there.

Spitfire: [notices the cloth on Twi's leg] What happened with your leg Twi?

Twilight: I was shot.

Lennox: What happend?

Twilight: We were being chased and the guy who got me was using an MP5 submachine gun, and the bullet went right through my leg.

Soarin: You might wanna get that looked at.

Nyx: I've gotta get to Thomas!

Lennox: No. We got air strike coming.

Nyx: I've got to get to him, now!

[then a blast is heard, as a cement truck Constructitrain appearsand starts destroying many tanks]

Steamfire: Incoming!! [transforms] Stick the jump! [he attacks the Constructitrain] Behold the wrath of Steamfire! [his cane turns into an axe-sledgehammer] Here's how we brought the pain in my day!! [he splits the Constructitrain in 2, and smashes another's head with the hammer portion] I'm too old for this crap!

Eeps: I'm going to pop orange smoke.

Spitfire: That's all you got?

Eeps: It's all I can think of.

[soon there are several jets flying above]

Captain Rex: We've got to make a run for it now.

Eeps: Run!!

[they get and race for Thomas' body just as the jets come in]

Soarin': Incoming!

[The bombs drop]

[as they continue running Ironhide and Piston Spark emerge from the dust]

[Then Nyx took off another way]

[the bombs hit the ground and all of the Deceptitrains near them blow up]


[then as Nyx runs for Thomas, Megatrain appears from behind]

Megatrain: Die! [fires his fusion shotgun]

Nyx: [is hit] AAAHH!! [flies forward and lands next to Thomas]

Twilight: NYYYYXXXXXXX!!!!

Megatrain: [fires at many of the tanks, but is overpowered] GRAH!!! [transforms and leaves]

Spitfire: Hold your fire!

[jets fly off]

Twilight: [runs up to Nyx] Nyx?! NYX!!!! HELP!!!

Spitfire: Get the medics!

Soarin': [contacts them on his headset]

[A medic helicopter flies above]

Lennox: Move! We gotta move!

[soon the medics run up to Nyx]

Medic: Clear! [shocks Nyx]

Medic #2: Do it again!

Medic: Clear! [shocks her again]

Medic #2: I'm sorry. She's gone.

Skyla: NYX!!! [runs up but Cadance grabs her] NYX!!

Bumblebee: [sadly neals down]

Cruncher: [sniffs Nyx] [sadly whimpers]

[Sylveon hugs Brian as he comforts him, and he sheds a few tears]

Twilight: Nyx, listen to me. I love you! Please don't leave us! You're family!!

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