This where Brian defeat Jafar in Brian and The Wrath of Jafar

Mantis; Sorry to interupt your tender moument, but what shall we do about Jafar?

Brian: I don't know.

Flik: Wait, I have an idea!

Briain: What?

Flik: What are the most powerful things in this place?

Sylveon: What?

Brian: The Blue ruby, The Black Pearl, and The Alicorn Sapphire.

Flik: That's it! You could use the Blue Ruby, Black Pearl, and the Alicorn Sapphire to increase his power to defeat Jafar! [runs to get them]

Sylveon: You think it will work?

Brian: I'm not sure. [holds them up]

Sylveon: You must use the Force!

Brian: Yes!

[then suddenly, Brian starts to transform to a hybrid!}

Tuck and Roll: Hybrid! Hybrid!

Brian: [in a deeper voice] JAFAR!!!!!!!

Sylveon: Go, Brian.

[Brian then races out and then confronts Jafar]

Jafar: [gasps]

Brian; [punches him so hard some teeth fly off him slow motion]

Jafar: NOOOO!!! I AM THE KING!!!

Brian: You're wrong Jafar! YOU AIN'T NO KING!!!! [twist his arm and breaks]

Jafar: GRAH!!

Brian: Now, you will fall! [grabs his Orcist sword and stabs him in the heart]

Jafar: NOOOO!!!!!! [he then explodes!]

[Then all of a sudden, all the Orcs are vaporized]

[at the Himalayas]

Astrid: How long is this gonna take?!

[then a portal home opens up]

Snoutlout: We're free!

Tuffnut: Home, sweet home, here we come!

[they hop through it]

Abominable Snowman: Hey! I got more snowcones!

[In Tartarus]

[we see the royals freed and they go through a portal home]

Brian: [returns to nromal]

Sylveon: YOU DID IT, BRIAN!!!

Brian: I know!

[Then Sylveon feels something]

Brian: Sylveon?

Sylveon: Brian, it's coming!

Brian: OH, MY GOD!!! [whistles] NIGHTSTRIKER!!

[Nightstriker races to them]

Brian: Flik, help me with this!

Flik: [races over]

Brian: GO, NIGHT, GO!!!!!

[Nightstriker the jumps up and races to the hospitol at break neck speed]

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