King Bulblin

King Bulblin from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is the one of the antagonists who shatters the peaceful life of Link, Marth, Roy and many of the Ordonians by invading the Ordon Spring to clear the way for a Twilight portal. King Bulblin kidnaps the children and their Pokemon of Ordon Village, but they manage to escape to Kakariko Village. He later kidnaps Colin from Kakariko and escapes to the center of the Eldin Province, with Link, Epona and his allies in hot pursuit. Link must chase after him and slash off his armor while King Bulblin's Bulblin legions chase him on Bullbos. After all of his armor is gone, the king retreats to the Bridge of Eldin, where he rides Lord Bullbo against Link in a joust of sorts. Link must gallop toward him on Epona, move to one side at the last minute, and attack with his sword as they pass each other. After Link (with a little help from Tiki in her dragon form, before transforming back into her human form) launches several successful strikes against him, King Bulblin is flung off the bridge, snapping one of his horns in half.

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