Here's how King Kong and Godzilla's first round goes in Ed, Edd, n Eddy's Ed-ventures of King Kong vs. Godzilla.

[King Kong is walking up and so was Godzilla]

Soldier: Get ready.

[Soldiers get in position and the other looks through binoculars]

Godzilla: [roaring]

King Kong: [grunting]

[Soon, the Eds, Sakurai, and the others are hiding in a bush watching the monsters walk towards each other]

Sakurai: Ah. Look, here they come.

Eddy: This is gonna be quite the battle!

Tako: Pictures. Get some pictures!

Godzilla: [roaring]

Furue: I think I'd, better get a light check.

Tako: I'm putting my money on Kong. [looks through binoculars]

Raj: I'm putting mine on Godzilla.

[King Kong is walking up towards Godzilla]

Godzilla: ROAR!!!!!!!

King Kong: ROAR!!!!!!!!!!

[A helicopter is flying above them until Godzilla destroys it with his atomic breath]

Godzilla: ROAR!!!!!!!

[King Kong throws a rock at Godzilla]

Sakurai: Oh, I'll bet Kong has no chance.

Tako: I'll toss you. Heads for King Kong. [flips a coin but it lands on tails]

Furue: Tails.

King Kong: ROAR!!!!!!!!!! [picks up another rock and he throws it a Godzilla. It hits him, but Godzilla blows out his atomic breath]

Godzilla: ROAR!!!!!!!

Buttercup: Alright, I'm goin' in! [but as Buttercup tries to fly into the battle, Blossom and Bubbles hold her back] Hey, let me go!

Blossom: No, Buttercup! This isn't our fight!

Furue: Don't quit!

Tako: Oh, that Kong. He's chicken.

[Godzilla fires another atomic breath at King Kong, and he steps back]

Sakurai: It's more like fighting a flamethrower!

Edd: I don't think Kong would stand a chance!

Tako: Fight back! Fight him!

Godzilla: ROAR!!!!!!!

[King Kong looks at his burnt spots and Godzilla roars in victory, and he turns around and walks away. And King Kong does so too]

Godzilla: ROAR!!!!!!!!!!

Buttercup: Alright, I'm goin' in!

[she tries to fly in, but Blossom and Bubbles hold her back]

Buttercup: Hey, lemme go!

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