(In the ancient palace)

Louie: (sings) Ding ding lo-la diddly-o zing boing Sca-be-do, hoo-be-do, zee-bo do-zeb Diddly-doo dee-hoy I wanna be a man-man one or-rang-a-tang tang

Monkey #1: Ha, ha, we got them, King Louie!

Monkey #2: Man, we got them, we got them!

(The monkey straight themselves as the vine)

(One of the monkeys drops Noby, Sue, Rudolph, and Phineas)

Noby: That hurts.

Sue: You can say that again.

Louie: Ha, ha, ha! So you're the man cub and the travelers and reindeer! Crazy!

Mowgli: I'm not as crazy as you are!

Sue: (in Rapunzel's voice) Put him down!

(The second monkey drops Mowgli)

Mowgli: You cut that out!

Louie: Cool it, boy. Unwind yourself. (singing): Do-doot doot-doot do (speaks): Now come on. Let's shake, cousin.

Mowgli: What do you want me for?

Louie: Word has grabbed my royal ear, have a banana, (He throws a banana into Mowgli's mouth) that you want to stay in the jungle.

Mowgli: (with mouth full). Stay in the jungle? I sure do.

Louie: Good. And ol' King Louie, (singing): Bop-boo do-bay doo-boo-do (speaks): that's me, can fix it for you. Have two bananas (He shows three fingers and throws two bananas into Mowgli's mouth) Have we got a deal?

Mowgli: (with mouth even fuller) Yes, sir. I'll do anything to stay in the jungle.

Louie: Well then. I'll lay it on the line for ya. (singing) A bop-bop do-do do-be-do

Now I am the king of the swingers, oooh

The jungle V.I.P

I've reached that top and had to stop

And that's what's botherin' me

I wanna be a man, man-cub,

And stroll right into town

And be just like the other men, I'm tired of monkeyin' around

Ohh, oobie-do,

Monkeys: (sing) Bop-do-wee

Louie: I wanna be like you

Monkeys: Hum dee oobee-do-ba

Louie: I wanna walk like you

Monkeys: Tee

Louie: Talk like you,

Monkeys: Too

Louie: Too!

Monkeys: Wee be-dee be-dee do

Louie: You see it's true,

Monkeys: Shoo-ba dee-do

Louie: An ape like me

Monkeys: Shoo-be do-bee do-bee

Can learn to be Human too

(He makes sounds as if playing a horn and has a little classical fight with the small servant monkey)

Roo-baka-tee-gah, roo-baka-tee-gee Zoo-baka too-baka too-baka too-baka too-baka Too-bee pau-wagau to-pah

(Monkeys applaud)

Mowgli: Gee, cousin Louie, you're doing real good.

Louie: (speaks) Now, here's your part of the deal, cuz. Lay the secret on me of man's red fire.

Mowgli: But I don't know how to make fire.

Noby: Neither do we, for we are too young to make the fire.

Louie: (sings) Now, don't try to kid me, man-cub and reindeer

I made a deal with you

What I desire is man's red fire

To make my dream come true

(Doraemon, Big G., Sneech, Ferb and Bagheera reach the walls of the Ruins)

Now give me the secret, man-cub

Come on, clue me what to do

Give me the power of man's red flower

So I can be like you

Bagheera: Fire! So that's what that scoundrel's after.

Doraemon: I didn't know they thought of that.

Sneech: We can't let them stay in the Ruins.

Big G.: What are we going to do?

Baloo: I'll tear him limb from limb, I'll beat him, I'll.. I'll.. ummm, yeah, well, man, what a beat!

Big G.: Why are you doing it? This is no time to...(dances happily) Yay. I love this dancin'

Sneech: Me too. And we love that music.

Doraemon: Sneech, Big G., will you please stop dancing?

Bagheera: Will you stop that silly beat business and listen! This will take brains, not brawn.

Baloo: You better believe it! And I'm loaded with both.

Doraemon: Are you listening to us?

Baloo: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Bagheera: Now, while you create a disturbance, (Big G. and Sneech walk and dance) I'll rescue Mowgli. Got that?

Baloo: (walking and dancing along) I'm gone then, solid gone.

Doraemon: Guys! Where are you going?

Bagheera: Not yet, Baloo!

(Louie, servant monkey, Noby, Phineas and Mowgli come by, dancing, and when Bagheera reaches for Mowgli, Baloo, Sneech and Big G. enter, dressed up as a big probably female monkeys)

Baloo: Hey! (singing) Da-zaap bon-ronee Hap ba-dee dee-lap-da-non Hene-bebe-re, Doot zaba-doo-dee-day

Doo-bam doo-boo-bee-bay

Bo-bom, za-ba-pa-panney!

Louie: (sings) Abba-do-dee?

Big G.: (sings in Baloo's voice) With a reep-bon-naza!

Louie: Eh ba-daba doy

Sneech: (sing in Baloo's voice) Well-a-la-ba zini

Louie: War-la-bop, boor-la-bop

Baloo: See-ble-bop, dooney

Louie: Ooh, ooh, ooh!

Baloo: With a huh, huh, huh, huh!

Louie: Rrrawr, rrrawr

Baloo: (sings) Get mad, baby!

Louie: Hada-lada hada-lada

Baloo: With a hada-lada hadoo-doo

Louie: Oodle-loodle-oodle-loodle

Baloo: Ooh-doo-daa-daa-daa

Louie: Doodle-doot, doodle-doot

Baloo: Zee-ba-da-da Haba-da

Louie: Yoo-hoo-hoo

Monkeys: Bop-do-wee

Louie: I wanna be like you

Monkeys: Hum dee oobee-do-ba

Louie: I wanna walk like you

Monkeys: Dee

Louie: Talk like you

Monkeys: Too

Baloo: Too-oo-oo!

Monkeys: Wee be-dee be-dee do

Everybody: You see it's true, hoo-hoo

Someone like me-ee-ee

Can learn to be like someone like me

Baloo: Take me home, Daddy!

Everybody: (sings) Can learn to be like someone like you

Louie: One more time!

(Baloo's disguise falls off)

Baloo: (sings alone) Yeah! Can learn to be (Rudolph, Noby and Sue see Baloo dancing) like someone like me (Mowgli sees Baloo) Zee-dee-dee bop-bop-botta Doodle-dat un-dat un-dat un-dat un-dat un-dat... Ehh..

Monkey #?: It's Baloo, the bear!

Monkey #?: Yeah, that's him!

Monkey #?: How'd he get in there?

Mowgli: Baloo, it's you.

(Here goes the classical scene where Mowgli goes from Monkeys to Baloo/Bagheera several times resulting in desctuction of Ancient Ruins)

Baloo: Whew. Ha ha ha. Man, that's what I call a swingin' party.

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