Ryan is wondering about something

Ryan: (Thinking): There's darkness within me... So what does that matter? I know I'm strong enough to hold it back.

After that Brian, Tino and Stewie drive off to the west side, while Ryan and his friends went to the Right side

Evil Ryan: You are strong, Ryan.

Crash: The Darkness is nothing to fear.

Ryan: Crash? Evil me?

Evil Ryan: And yet... how frustrating that Optimus refuses its power.

Crash: Why, you could train with him forever and still... You'll never be a master in his eyes.

Ryan: Why, guys? Help me understand like Sci-Twi. What is it that I learn?

Evil Ryan: You'll be fine, okay. Darkness cannot be destroyed... It can only be channeled.

Ryan: Oh. Thanks, Evil me.


Tino is his room after Brian and Stewie take him home that Optimus tell them to take him home

Tino: Guys?

He's going outside and then

Minion: You better hurry, Tino...

He saw Vortech's Minion

Tino: Huh?

Minion: Or you'll never see Ryan again.

Tino: What are you talking about? I can see him anytime I want.

Minion: Like right now? He's leaving you behind. And by the time you catch up...he'll be a different person.

Tino: Look--whoever you are--you don't know the first thing about Ryan. Me and him will always be a team. You trying to pick a fight or what?

Minion: Oh, grow up. Is that what you call friendship? You'll never know the truth unless you go out and look for it yourself. Come on, what could you possibly know when you're stuck here, looking at nothing but what's in your tiny world?

He disappeared and Tino remember all the great time with a him and he realised what he said

Tino: Ryan!


Brian and Stewie is having a talk with Mickey and Optimus

Optimus: .... And in so much as you are now the Keyblade Master, you must always conscious of you-

Then they heard an Alarm and Optimus got message to someone

Optimus: What's going on?

He went off to see it and then Ryan appeared

Ryan: Guys! What's happening?

Brian: I don't knows but where's Tino? He should be here by now.

Stewie: I guess he's not here now.

Optimus is talking to someone

Optimus: Really? Well, okay, we'll send some heroes to investigate. Okay, bye.

He went to speak to Brian, Stewie and Ryan

Optimus: That was our dear old friend Yen Sid. As you know, he is Master no more, but he still keeps a close eye on the tides of light and darkness. His counsel serves as signposts on the road we wielders of the Keyblade must walk. All the more reason, then, for concern--for he tells me that Lord Vortech has escaped from his Prison. And all the Villains are planning on something.

Ryan: So he escaped.

Optimus: So here we are, I need you three to investigate and find Lord Vortech and stop the Villains Plans. Remember those order has to be clear, and you cannot tell your friends about what happened. Now go, and fulfill your mission.

All: Yes, master.

Ryan is going to leave

Optimus: Ryan, wait.

Ryan: Yes, Prime?

Optimus: Consider this opportunity, A second chance for to change my mind.

Ryan: What do you mean?

Optimus: You know I cared for you as a partner, if I could have my ways, I could take you to Master Yen Sid and let you be with Sora in your Mark of Mastery. And don't be afraid of losing. Fear leads to obsession with power, and obsession beckons the Darkness. You must not forget, Ryan.

Ryan: Yes. I won't let you down.

He left

Brian: We better go.

They went off and Tino running pass them

Optimus: Wait, Brian, Stewie. Before you depart, I have one other... Well, call it a request, of the utmost priority.

Stewie: What is it, Prime?

Optimus: I told Ryan this could be a second chance to take him to Master Yen Sid...and I meant it. However, that flicker of darkness he displayed during the examination--I can sense it runs very deep. If he were to--If those powers were to prove too much for him to handle, I want you to bring him back to me at once. It's for his own good. I could not bear to lose any of you to the darkness.

Brian: Of course, we promise that we will bring Ryan back. Only this time, you'll know what it takes for him to be the Master.

Stewie: And he's not weak as you think.

Mickey: Gosh. Here are some gifts.

He gave them some Suit for Brian and Stewie

Brian: Whoa. Cool suits.

Stewie: Wow. What are those suit?

Mickey: That suit will make you run faster, Brian. And this Suit will make you fly and have Telekinesis Power, Stewie. And you better make sure this battle is getting hard for you.

Brian: Thanks.

Stewie: Thank you.

They went off and they saw Tino running to Ryan

Tino: Ryan! I need to-

Ryan: It's okay.

He drive his vehicle and left and even Tino use his Vehicle and went to find Ryan

Brian: Wait, Tino!

Optimus: No, he mustn't. You have to get him back!

Stewie: Don't worry, We'll get Tino back!

Brian: Wish us luck!

He bring out his Batmobile and went off to get Tino back

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