King Piccolo
is Kami's evil counterpart spawned out of his body in order to release the evil from within in order to attain the position as guardian of the Earth. King Piccolo was known as a demon due to the fact that he exterminated the Martial Arts Society and a single touch. He was once defeated by Master Mutaito who used the evil containment wave on him and sealed him the electric rice cooker where he will be imprisoned for the rest of eternity. Years later, King Piccolo was freed by Emperor Pilaf and his henchmen who somehow located the electric rice cooker in the ocean and fished it out. In order to carry out his revenge, he created four mutant Namekian offsprings to eliminate every martial artist on Earth and collect the Dragon Balls. King Piccolo made the wish on the Dragon Balls for eternal youth and strength, which Shenron granted. In turn, he killed the eternal dragon to prevent anyone from using them against him. He finally met his end at the hands of Goku who punched a deadly hole clean through his chest, but before he died, he uses his last remaining power to create his last offspring/reincarnation so he can carry out his legacy of evil. Moments later, he exploded in mid-air, putting an end to the evil demon king once and for all.