Kingdom Hearts (Digimon Stories) Poster (Redo)


This take place after the Battle from Quartzmon 2 Months ago. Everything in the Human World and the Digital World is back to normal, until then the World has been turned into Darkness. Shoutmon, Gumdramon, and Damemon have became the Digimon Warrior. And then they met Jibanyan and his Friends in Traverse Town, so they team up to save all Worlds and finding their Friends.


Digital World

  1. 3 Digimon's Station of Awakening
  2. Island Zone Day 1
  3. Island Zone Day 2
  4. Trouble in the Digital World

Traverse Town

  1. Explore in Traverse Town
  2. Battle in Traverse Town and Meet Jibanyan and his friends
  3. Return to Traverse Town
  4. Meet the Shahra and Reunited Psychemon, Dracmon and Opossummon
  5. Battle at the Second District
  6. A Memory of Light and Darkness
  7. A Plan to go back to Digital Hollow Bastion
  8. A Talk in the Tunnel


  1. Inside the Alien Ship
  2. Find the Culprit
  3. Samus Disappearance
  4. Battle the Trickster

Konga Bonga Island

  1. Meet Diddy Kong
  2. Slideshow and the Crystal Coconut
  3. King Donkey Kong and Fight the Heartless
  4. Defeat K. Rool
  5. Friends in our hearts

Pokemon Coliseum

  1. Going to the Game
  2. Battle a Giant Robot and become a Junior Heroes
  3. A Strength of Heart


  1. Arrived in Hyrule and meet Sheik
  2. Save Link and Fight the Heartless
  3. Defeat Ganondorf


  1. Meet Goombario's Friends
  2. Catch Psychemon and Goombario
  3. Rescued Goombario


  1. Meet Kirby and his friends
  2. Find the Crest and found a Crystal Star
  3. Fight King Dedede and Defeat ENeMe

Mute City

  1. Welcome to Mute City and meet Captain Falcon
  2. Find Jody and the Memory
  3. Blood Falcon took the Heart
  4. Defeat Black Shadow

Station Square

  1. In the Egg Carrier and meet Sonic
  2. Rescue Amy
  3. Fighting Eggman and Get the Crest

Digital Hollow Bastion

  1. Arrived in Digital Hollow Bastion
  2. A Heart win the Battle
  3. Fight Myotismon
  4. Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon's Sacrifice
  5. Get the Last Crest

End of the World

  1. Find Lucemon
  2. Going to the World's Terminal
  3. Fight Chernabog
  4. Fight Lucemon
  5. Defeat Lucemon and Chose the Door of Darkness
  6. Ending and Credit's (Digimon Stories)

Mushroom Kingdom

  1. Meet Mario
  2. Reunite Luigi
  3. Mario get Stuck in the Castle
  4. Find E.Gadd's Invention
  5. A Fun Time at the Beach
  6. Find Mario's Friends


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