This is the Story of Ace the Bunny who was on Adventures to save all the people with his new friends to find his friends and his Ancestor, Bugs Bunny.



  1. Station of Awakening
  2. Acmetropolis Day 1
  3. Acmetropolis Day 2
  4. Night at Acmetropolis

Traverse Town

  1. Ace Arrived in Traverse Town
  2. Story About the Animal Warrior
  3. Meet New Friend's and going to Other world's
  4. Come Back to Traverse Town
  5. Meet Kululu and Reunited Duck
  6. A Battle at the Second District
  7. Memory from Lexi
  8. Find the Way to Get Back To Hollow Bastion
  9. A Chat in the Tunnel

Crash Bandicoot World

  1. Arrived in Cortex's Ship
  2. Save Coco
  3. Coco Dissappeared
  4. Trickster Appeared

Dragon Ball World

  1. Enter The Game
  2. Fight Hirudegarn and Become Heroes In-Training
  3. About True Strength of Heart

Star War World

  1. Meet Luke Skywalker
  2. Watching Some Hologram and Heartless Appeared
  3. Friends Inside Our Hearts

Xioalin Chronicles World

  1. Arrived in Xioalin Chronicles and Meet Kimiko
  2. Find Raimundo and his Friends
  3. Rescue Kimiko
  4. Fight Young Chase and Go to Other World


  1. Arrived in the Ship
  2. Meet Zidane and Dagger
  3. Chase Duck and Vivi
  4. Save Vivi from the Heartless
  5. Rescue Vivi


  1. Arrived in Hogwart
  2. Find Ginny
  3. Draco Took The Heart
  4. Defeat Voldermort

Teenage Robot World

  1. Meet Jenny and Her Sister's
  2. Find the Crystal Heart
  3. Defeat Vexus


  1. Inside Eggman Lair
  2. Rescue Amy and Cream
  3. Defeat Eggman

Hollow Bastion

  1. Arrived in Hollow Bastion and Fight Back
  2. A Heart Win The Battle
  3. Defeat Black Doom
  4. Ace's Sacrifice
  5. Arrived Back in Hollow Bastion


  1. Inside the Book of Dreamland
  2. Grab Some Apple's For Kirby
  3. Get Some Carrot Top Juice For Kirby
  4. Retrieved The Gas Tank For Gus
  5. Fun at the Playground
  6. Search for Kirby's Friends

End of The World

  1. Going to Find Mephiles
  2. World Terminus
  3. Fight Chernabog
  4. Defeat Mephiles
  5. Fight Mephiles and Close the Door Of Darkness
  6. Ending (Loonatic Stories)


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