This is the story is about Shoutmon and his friends who has awakened two years after their Memories restored, and they travel many World's and find out what the Organization 15 Digimon's plan.


Digital Twilight Town 

  1. Day 1: Picture Thief
  2. Day 2: Set in Motion
  3. Day 3: Differences
  4. Day 4: Road to War
  5. Day 5: Changes
  6. Day 6: Summer's End
  7. Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon's Awaken
  8. New Journey
  9. Return to Digital Twilight Town
  10. Losing their Human Partner's
  11. Find the Mansion
  12. Gateway to Other Twilight Town
  13. Impmon's Sacrifice

Digital Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden 

  1. Visit Hollow Bastion and Reunited
  2. Organization 15 Digimon Arrived
  3. Return to Hollow Bastion
  4. Found the Computer go Inside Space Paranoid
  5. Truth about Lucemon, Nobodies, Digivice, Digimon and Quartzmon
  6. A War in Hollow Bastion
  7. Organization 15 Digimon's Plan


  1. Welcome to Cornaria
  2. Meet the Star Fox Team
  3. Save Fox McCloud
  4. Find Krystal and Save Her
  5. Revisit Corneria
  6. Krystal Goodbye
  7. Fight for Krystal

Klonoa World

  1. Meet Klonoa, Lola and Popka
  2. Fight for the Kingdom
  3. Heading to the Kingdom
  4. Battle in the Castle
  5. Revisit Klonoa's World
  6. Find the Black Coat
  7. Fight a Heartless Dragon

Pokemon Coliseum

  1. Arrived in the Pokemon World
  2. Escape in the Team Rockets Lair
  3. Reunite Ash and Pikachu
  4. Going to The Underground
  5. Find Misty and Defeat A Legendary Pokemon
  6. Revisit Pokemon World
  7. Find Shadow's Statue
  8. Fight Giovanni

Yo-Kai World

  1. Welcome to Yo-Kai World
  2. Reunited Yokai Friend's
  3. Found a Cornerstone of Light
  4. Save Yo-Kai World

Jak and Daxter's World

  1. Arrived in Jak and Dexter's World
  2. Meet Jak and Dexter on a Mission to save Keira
  3. Getting Capture by Ruskin
  4. Save Jak and defeat Ruskin
  5. Revisit Jak and Dexter's World
  6. Find all Medallions
  7. Defeat the Heartless


  1. Arrived in Hyrule
  2. Reunite Link
  3. Get the Book
  4. Get the Treasure and Defeat the Heartless
  5. Ganondorf Return
  6. Find Ganondorf
  7. Save Hyrule

Mute City

  1. Arrived in Mute City and Reunite Captain Falcon
  2. Go to Big Blue
  3. Captured Blood Falcon
  4. Heading Back to Big Blue and Fight Black Shadow
  5. Revisit Mute City
  6. Find the Thief
  7. Make Some Gadgets
  8. Defeat the Robot


  1. Arrived in Megaman's World
  2. Find X
  3. X's Last Stand
  4. Heading Back to City and fight Sigma
  5. Revisit Megaman's World
  6. Find out about Vile's Ghost
  7. X's Stand Up


  1. Kirby March
  2. Tiff Song
  3. Under The Sea
  4. Nightmare Song
  5. Finale Song

Timeless Town 

  1. Save The Timeline
  2. Found The Thief
  3. Return to Yo-Kai City

Space Paranoid

  1. Meet Tron
  2. Give Tron the Password
  3. New User Digimon
  4. Return to Space Paranoid
  5. Save Hollow Bastion and Defeat the MCP

Mushroom Kingdom

  1. Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom
  2. Rescue Luigi and Restored Mario Memories
  3. Bake a Cake
  4. Bouncing with Yoshi
  5. Find Mario
  6. A Promise to Return

The Digital World That Never Was

  1. The Other Promise
  2. Going to Save Their Friends
  3. Reunited their Partners and Their Friends
  4. Defeat The Organization 15 Digimon
  5. Defeat Apocalymon
  6. Going Home
  7. Last Battle


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