This is story of our Heroes who has awakened 3 Years, Ace and his Friends are going to see many world find the Organization 18 Animal's Plan and their Stronghold.


Acme Acre

  1. First Day of Summer
  2. Get Some Munny
  3. Follow the Girl
  4. A Fight at the Struggle
  5. Buster Vs Plucky
  6. Buster Vs Alex and Buster Meet Ken
  7. Buster Vs Walt the Cat and become a Winner
  8. Lexi meet Buster
  9. Rumors in Acme Acre
  10. Summer Vacation is Over
  11. The Loonatic's Awaken
  12. A New Adventure
  13. Return to Acme Acre
  14. Losing their New Friend's
  15. Find The Old Mansion
  16. Gateway to Other Acme Acre
  17. Ken's Sacrifice

Hollow Bastion

  1. Arrived in Hollow Bastion and Reunite
  2. Organization 18 Animals Arrived
  3. Return back to Hollow Bastion
  4. Found a Computer and going inside the Space Paranoid
  5. Truth about Mephiles and Nobodies
  6. A war in Hallow Bastion
  7. Organization 18 Animals Plan

Naruto's Village

  1. Welcome to Naruto's Village
  2. Meet Naruto's Friends
  3. Save Naruto
  4. Find Sakura and Save Her
  5. Revisit Naruto's World
  6. Sakura Goodbye
  7. Fight for Sakura

Kung Fu Panda World

  1. Reunite Po
  2. Fight for China
  3. Heading to the China
  4. Battle in the Temple
  5. Revisit Kung Fu Panda World
  6. Go find the Black Coat
  7. Going to fight a Heartless Dragon

Dragon Ball World

  1. Arrived in the Dragon Ball World
  2. Escape in the Underworld
  3. Reunite Goku
  4. Going to The Underworld
  5. Find Pan and Defeat Baby
  6. Revisit Dragon Ball World
  7. Find the Mutation Keronian's Statues
  8. Fight Broly

Looney Tunes Castle

  1. Welcome to the Castle
  2. Meet Lola
  3. Search for the Cornerstone of Light
  4. Save the Looney Tunes Castle

One Piece World

  1. Arrived in One Piece World
  2. Meet the Strawhat Pirates on a Mission to Save Nami
  3. Getting Capture by Barbossa
  4. Going to the Cave
  5. Revisit One Piece World
  6. Find the Medalliums
  7. Defeat the Heartless Pirate

Xioalin Chronicles World

  1. Arrived in Xioalin Chronicles World
  2. Reunite Omi and his Friends
  3. Get the Chest
  4. Get the Rare Treasure and Defeat the Heartless
  5. Hannibal Roy Bean Return
  6. Find Roy Bean
  7. Save The Temple


  1. Arrived in Hogwarts and Reunite Harry Potter
  2. Go to Hogsmeade
  3. Captured Draco Malfoy
  4. Heading Back to Hogsmeade and defeat Voldermort
  5. Revisit Hogwarts
  6. Find the Potion Thief
  7. Make Some Potions
  8. Defeat the Ghost

Sly Cooper's World

  1. Visit Paris
  2. Find Sly
  3. Sly Last Stand
  4. Fight Clockwork
  5. Revisit Paris
  6. Find out about Clockwork's Ghost
  7. Sly Stands Up

Teenage Robot World

  1. Practice Song
  2. Jenny Song
  3. Robot Song
  4. Vexus Song
  5. The Finale Song

Timeless Town

  1. Go and Save the Timeline
  2. Search for the Thief
  3. Return to the Castle

Space Paranoid

  1. Meet Tron the RobotDog
  2. Giving Tron the Password
  3. New User Animal
  4. Going back to Space Paranoid
  5. Going to save the Town and Defeat the MCP


  1. Welcome to Dreamland
  2. Rescue Tiff and Restored Kirby Memories
  3. Cooking Time
  4. Race with Tuff
  5. Find Kirby
  6. A Promise to Return to Dreamland

The World That Never Was

  1. Other Promise
  2. Going to Save his Friends
  3. Reunited the Loonatics
  4. Defeat The Organization 18 Animals
  5. Defeat Enma the Monkey
  6. Going Home to Acmetropolis
  7. Final Fight


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