This is how

[in the Toy Story world]

Crash Bandicoot: Where are we, mates?

Sci-Ryan: I don't know, Crash.

Ryan F-Freeman: You think it is a new world, Sora?

Sora: Yeah.


Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa! Would somebody tell us how we got so SMAAAAAALLLLLLL?!?!!?!?

Sci-Ryan: Do you think the room got big?

Sora: Oh my gosh! We're shrunk!

Laval: Us too!

Ryan: I think we are in a bed room.

Sci-Ryan: And we got turned into toys!

Ryan F-Freeman: What? Whoa. My pendent is here on me. [notices an Autobot symbol on his sleeve] Wow! Sora! Look at my sleeve!

Sora: What are you, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: I'm an Autobot.

Luffy: An Autobot? Wow! Look at me! I'm an Action Figure!

Usopp: (Freaked out) Oh my gosh! I'm a toy?!

Sci-Ryan: Me too. I look like Pinocchio in reverse. Luffy? You always wanted to be a real toy.

Luffy: Ha-ha. Very funny, Shadowbolt.

Crash Bandicoot: Wow! I got a communicator on my wrist! And I'm an Autobot as well!

Donald: Must be this world's order.

Cragger and Goofy saw Heartless

Cragger: Guys? You think these are..


They are gonna fight them

???: Who's there?

They defeated them

Hamm: Who are they?

They saw them

Woody: So you're... Andy's new toy?

Sora: Toys?

Ryan F-Freeman: And who is Andy anyways.


Chopper: Those are the Heartless.

Gorzan: The bad guys.

Ryan: And what about the other two?

Drift: We are visitors like you, Ryan Prime.

Sora: Have they been a problem around here?


Buzz Lightyear:

Ryan: Have you got any clues we can go on- any other strange things happened?

Woody: Well. There is one thing.

Hamm: One big thing.

Sarge: Huge, sir.

Rex: What thing?

Buzz Lightyear:

Sora: A black hood? But that would mean-

All: Organization 13!

Woody: You know who it is?


Woody: Sorry. We're not gonna leave this to you.

Sora: Huh?


Sora: Right!

Ryan: Yes.

They are going to work together as a team

Zoro: So then, where can we find him?

Woody: Sarge?



They're going to Galaxy Toys

[Ryan spots Xehanort]

Young Xehanort:

Ryan: You think so, Xehanort? What do you mean by that?

Young Xehanort: You see, Prince Ryan Prime. There's a darkness that you must reclaim. Like the hearts connected to this world.

Ryalight Glimmer: And it might be a clue.