Disney Villains
Kip Snip
 was a Hollywood agent and the main antagonist of the episode The Sweet Stench of Success. When Bloo gets jealous because Eduardo is on TV, he goes to the news office, pretending to be up for adoption and prove he is a good actor. Later, Kip Snip arrived and had Bloo sign a contract. After acting for many TV commercials, Bloo wants to go home to Foster's, but Kip does not let him and makes him sleep in a cage. Kip reveals that the contract was not an acting contract, but adoption papers, and Kip Snip is his NEW guardian! Mac then receives Bloo's secret message on TV Help me, Mac, and Bloo is rescued by Mac and friends. Kip Snip is arrested for "False advertising and ends up serving 21 years." Kip Snip vowed to get revenge on Bloo, Mac and Fosters. Bloo hasn't seen and heard Last of Kip Snip

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