Kira Starr is a recurring character in Sora's Adventures. She is the daughter of Jimmy Starr. From Austin and Ally Episodes Girlfriends & Girls Friends to Partners & Parachutes, She is Originally Austin's Temporily Girlfriend Until Austin Started to Have Feelings for Ally. As of Now, Goofy and Kira Will Have Feelings for Each Other. But Sadly, She No Longer Appears on Sora's Adventure fIlms, Due to Goofy and Kira Broke Up.

P&P FE-13-

Kira Starr (Austin's Ex-Girlfriend and Goofy's Current Girlfriend)


After Austin and Kira Break Up with Each Other, Kira is Moving On to Goofy.

She Will Be Making Her First Sora's Adventures Series in Future.

As of Sora's Adventures of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, She and Goofy Broke Up.

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