Tiff is looking at the Stars

Tiff: Days gone by, when the Strom is gone.

She saw a Boy, drown and she dive down to save him, and then she's singing

Tiff: (Singing)

She left and the Boy wake up

Boy: That girl, Rescue me... But who is she?

Next Day

Our Heroes are here in Dreamland

USApyon: Dreamland! Is great to be back!

They saw Kirby and his friends

Kirby: Poyo!

Tiff: Damemon! Everyone! Wow, it's get to see you again!

Damemon: Yeah, me too.

Tiff: Still having some great adventures?

Fololo: Then you should follow Falala- she show you what to do.

Falala: Come on, Damemon. Let's go!

He follow her

Damemon: That was fun.

Tuff: Yeah! So are you doing here? And did something happen?

Damemon: A little.

Komasan: Everything, seem so peaceful.

Tiff: Of course, everything is fine... As long as daddy's in a good mood.

Tuff: Hey, we were having a concert very soon. Why don't you see at the Castle? 

Fololo: Can you do it! Tiff, is not feeling well, today. But she will get better if you practice for her, too.

Shoutmon: Sounds like fun!

Damemon: Sure, I like it!

Tuff: Awesome!

Fololo: This time me and Falala will teach you everything.

Gumdramon: Okay, what do we do?

Fololo: It's easy. All you do is to dance with the rhythm. Now do it!

Damemon is dancing

Falala: Great! Now, you could do it Gumdramon and Shoutmon!

They dance

Falala: Good! Now what about you all?

They dance

Fololo: Alright! Now dance with Kirby and Tiff.

They dance with Kirby and Tiff

Tuff: Awesome! Now dance with the Stars!

They dance with the Stars

Fololo: Great, job! looks like we're done!

Komajiro: I don't know, zura.

Fololo: Any time you wanna sing a music masterpiece.. you have to see me and Falala.

They are ready for the Concert

Fololo: Let's do it!

Damemon: Ready when you are.

Kirby March has Played

Always *Goosekappy Kirby of the stars But truly he is strong!  I wonder if he is He holds a mysterious strength, the legendary hero Kirby is the strong warrior of the stars

In the peaceful paradise someone drops a tear Let’s eat the bad dreams He’ll go to find and return a lost smile

From the sky a falling star that is coming he shall suck up its strength

He is a very pink and round, Kirby of the stars But he can become anything!  Is that true?

He holds infinite strength, the legendary Kirby

We’ve left it up to you, Kirby the strong warrior of the stars

In the happy paradise for some reason something troublesome comes in If it is a seed of worry let’s eat it up He’ll go find and return a forgotten feeling

From the sky a falling star that is coming he shall suck up its strength

Truly the strong Kirby of the stars I wonder if I could become his friend He isn’t even like a hero The eating hero The strong warrior of the stars Please show me Kirby

The song has ended

Tiff: Damemon, you're amazing!

Jibanyan: Should we sing some more, nyan?

Tiff: I'm sure you will.

She left, then Sir Ebrum and Lady Bow has appeared

Damemon: Hi there. Sir Ebrum and Lady Bow.

Sir Ebrum: I'm certainly hope there hasn't been a need to use your powers of yours.

Shoutmon: Nope! Everything is great. Not a heartless in sight.

Falala: And listen, they want to sing a Musical with us.

Lady Bow: I say, that's nice.

Sir Ebrum: And the Problem is, Tiff is so wondering about the Star Warrior she meet and she wants to know if she's wants them to be in it.

Lady Bow: And for that, We don't think the musical would be perfect for us.


The Star Warrior boy is wondering

Boy: That girl who save me. But... Who was it? Hey! Where are you! I nedd to talk to you for saving me!

Back to our Heroes

Tuff: Kirby? Tiff? Great, she's still wondering about the Star Warriors? How I can convince them for this?

Damemon: Come on, you two. We need to do some Musical.

Tiff: I wish I could. But.. Not now.

Kirby: Poyo!

They left and then Sword, Blade and Meta-Knight

Meta-Knight: I see, Tiff is wondering and the Stars Warriors.

Tuff: Yeah. Meta-Knight. She wants them to be in the Musical.

Blade: Wait, I do know something to cheer her up, come on!

They went off to find something

Sword: Look!

They found a Statue

Tuff: I guess that will do. That must be from the Star Warriors.

Blade: Me and Sword  found it that day. When that ship got destroyed.

Tuff: But what if dad's find out.

USApyon: We must hide it from him.

Shoutmon: Alright! Let's this!

They can't get out

Shoutmon: It's no use!

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