The Kite-Eating Tree is a rival of Charlie Brown. He eats kites and several other objects. While the tree is most notable for eating kites, it is also known for eating pianos, blankets, and even tried to eat Snoopy and Linus Van Pelt.

The Kite-Eating Tree has some other odd characteristics. It is not rooted to the ground, as sometimes and walks up to Charlie Brown's front door.

As Charlie Brown and most of the other neighborhood kids hate him, Kite-Eating Tree has been the subject of criticism and violence. Charlie Brown even tried eating the tree himself as revenge for eating all of his kites; however he failed and got sick. In another instance, Charlie Brown actually slaughtered the tree by cutting it down. However he got in trouble with the Environmental Protection Agency, so he ran away to avoid being sent to jail. He eventually became stuck in New Mexico and was stuck coaching a little league baseball team. Later, Linus Van Pelt called Charlie Brown and convinced convinced him that it was safe to come home, because the tree's offspring has since grown up into a full size Kite-Eating Tree, this replacing the former Kite-Eating Tree.

Once, after the tree ate yet another of Charlie Brown's kites, Lucy Van Pelt shouted at it so loudly that it regurgitated not only that kite but also a flood of other people's kites, and a collection of other odd objects.

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