This is how Klang's diabolical plan goes in The Quest for the Skylanders Part 1.

Meanwhile, At Prison.

Feathers McGraw: (attaching the bombs and activate it)

Thaddeus E. Klang: Who's there?

Feathers McGraw: (retrieve Klang's metallic arms and lower jaw and uniform)

Thaddeus E. Klang: (getting himself dressed) Ah, Feathers McGraw, Just the Penguin I can count on!

Feathers McGraw: (shows Klang the Orb of Corruption)

Thaddeus E. Klang: Can it be? It is, The Orb of Corruption, Well done, Feathers, With this, I can begin my dark power! Starting by permanently corrupt Kaos and The Doom Raiders, Golden Queen, Wolfgang, Dr Krankcase, Dreamcatcher, Chef Pepper Jack, Chompy Mage, The Gulper, Luminous and Nightshade, And I'll gain control of all the reformed Villains from Cloudcracker Prison.

Feathers McGraw: (nods)

Thaddeus E. Klang: Soon all of Skylands and Equestria will bow before us! (evil laugh)

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