Knock Out's and the Golden King's Energon Changeling Mayhem is a new movie.


Knock Out and the Golden King try to create a perfect beast machine super-soldier for Megatron and King Chrystalize and decide to test Energon on Cocoonis. But it turns her into an Energon thirsty vampire. Now, Knock Out and the Golden King must find a way to stop Cocoonis before she turns CHS into a scraphead... without Megatron and King Chrystalize knowing!


Golden King's grievances/Fusing Cocoonis with Energon

Golden King is grieving for his torment to end. Ryan shows up and asks him what's the matter. Golden King told Ryan that he was grieving over the destruction of Skylands in the past. Ryan comforts the Golden King as he starts to cry but as he looks at the picture of Cocoonis, Knock Out insists Ryan that using Energon on a changeling would be the perfect idea to make the perfect super soldier for a fight against Makuta for Megatron. Ryan thinks Makuta will have his energy and body belong to him but he then agrees to the idea. Later, at the lab on the ship called the Nemesis, Ryan hopes that the plan works and finds King Christalize with his daughter, Cocoonis. He asks if he could borrow Cocoonis for something and King Chrystalize agrees. Then


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