Knock Out and the Search for Misfortune's Keep is a new movie based on the Ninjago Skybound series.


When Knock Out finds a strange map that guides the way to Misfortune's Keep, he calls Nya, Lloyd and the Ninja to help him search for the lost ship, intending to use it for a new base for him and his new Autobot comrades. Along the way, they find Starscream, who is gravely injured after being attacked by one of the Sky Pirates. Ryvine, his sister Twivine, Bad Sofia and two girls Annie and Oakly, who are after the legendary Latios and Latias as well as Optimus and Megatron, are also searching for the ship, planning to use it as a battle ship to fight against the good guys.


Knock Out finds the map

Knock Out is in a café listening to Ryan and the Dazzlings' singing when he saw something that seems to be a transforming Autobot named Winder Breaker. Knock Out and Ryan head outside with the Dazzlings to see who is the bot but he's driven off leaving a sheet of paper behind for Ryan to pick it up and read it. When he looks at it, it's nothing but pictures and a dotted line. Ryan suggest he and the Dazzlings should go show the others and


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