Knockout to the rescue is the eight episode of season 4 in Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures Chronicles.


One day, Knockout is taking a goods train of old metal parts to the scrapyard on the other railway, across the boarder. But as he leaves, Dolphy suggests that the others need another engine. After Knockout delivered his goods he was prepared to leave when a stranded and rusted steam engine named Tod begs him to take him to H.G. Island. Knockout is glad to help, and they manage to get to the works despite being stopped by an Other Railway foreman, including Samantha and Slate.

The manager soon finds out, and arranges for Tod, to be mended and repainted to work on Knockout's branch line.


  • This episode is based off of the Thomas & Friends episode, "Escape".
  • This episode marks it's first appearance of Tod.
  • The storyline continues in Tod owes up.


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