Koki is African American. She keeps her afro pushed back with a hair band. She wears a redish maroon shirt with black sleeves that has a yellow star emblazoned on the front and khaki jeans. She also has multiple ear piercings.

Koki works on the computer database of the Tortuga HQ, researching animals for the brothers, and often uses the computer to track the villains via satellite. Also, Koki manages the communications system of the Tortuga, keeping in touch with Chris and Martin throughout their missions. She also sometimes receives signals from other people who want to communicate with the Wild Kratts, and intercepts signals sent by the villains to one another. She is not afraid to speak her mind and tell the truth as she sees it. She is easily grossed out, however, which led to Tasmanian Devils being stolen from under her nose in "Tazzy Chris", and her not to like bats in "Bat in the Brownie".


  • Connor Lacey and Pals will meet Koki and her friends in Connor Lacey meets Tarzan.

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