The Koopalings are made up of seven Koopa Kids. They are Bowser's children. Their names are Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Lemmy, Roy and Ludwig. Bowser Jr is the 8th Koopa Kid and leader of the Koopalings and their father Bowser lets them cause mayhem.

Larry (Cheatsy)

Larry is very greedy (like Wario) and would do anything for money and power.

Morton (Big Mouth)

Morton is strong, but he is also a big mouth.

Wendy (Kootie Pie)

Wendy is a very selfish female Koopaling who wants a lot of stuff.

Iggy and Lemmy (Hip and Hop)

Iggy and lemmy are twin Koopalings, and the youngest of the group.

Roy (Bully)

Roy is the oldest of the group and a bully.

Ludwig (Kooky)

Ludwig is the smartest of the Koopalings.

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