Rika: [narrating] Takuya, being a gogglehead with his Dog, Doki, followed the directions and this other kid Kouji, and ended up with JP, Zoe, Mundi, Gabi, Fico, Otto, Anabella, and Tommy on a train to the Digital World. Tommy and Fico wanted to go home, but they picked a really stupid way to do it. Takuya and Doki tried to rescue him, but things got a little out of control. Bokomon and Neemon were running away from Cerberumon, a Digimon trying to destroy something called a spirit. To cut a long story short, Takuya and Doki merged with the ancient spirit of Flame and Bravery, and turned into Agunimon and Dogmon. Not bad, for a gogglehead with his Dog!

Takuya: Huh? Uh - What just happened to me?

Zoe: Do you mean before or after you turned into a Digimon?

Takuya: Me? A Digimon?

Doki: What? Me as a Digimon?

Bokomon: Yes, through the process of Digivolution.

Takuya: Digi-what? It had to be something I pressed.

[He starts pressing buttons on his D-Tector.]

Takuya: Oh? Come on, digivolution start! Operation! Turn me into a Digimon! Execute!

Ophanimon (D-TECTOR): Fractal code rendered.

All: Oh!

Takuya: Oh boy, I think I broke it!

Bokomon: I knew it, it's a fractal code!

[The fractal code covers the area.]

All: Oh!

Takuya: There's no way this is happening. Whoa! Did I do all that?

[Kouji, on the Trailmon.]

Kouji: What

[Train station.]

Bokomon: It's the dawn of regeneration.

Pagumon: No more living in a train station! Trailmon will never go "Whoo, whoo" in my ear again!

Bokomom: Nice going, my human friend. By the way, I'm Bokomon, keeper of the book, at your service.

Neemon: And I'm Neemon, keeper of my pants, also at your service you awesome human!

Bokomon: On behalf of the Digital World, accept our thanks, o human who restores what has been lost!

Takuya: Call me Takuya, and I still don't know why all this fractal code stuff is such a big deal anyway.

Bokomon: What? You really don't know?

Neemon: He doesn't know!

J.P.: Why are we running?

Zoe: I don't know.

Gabi: Me too.

Bokomon: Behold! [He opens the book.] Before the evil Cherubimon came our world was a beautiful place.

Neemon: Flowers, trees and butterflies!

Bokomon: Neemon! I'm in the middle of something here!

Neemon: Sorry!

Bokomon: His power made many Digimon go wild and our world started to die. The only way to bring back everything that was lost is with the fractal code.

Takuya: And I made it happen! With this...little device!

J.P.: Uh?

Zoe: Wow! I wonder if I could do it too?

Otto: What should we do, JP?

J.P.: Hmm. I know... [grabs Tommy] Hey, Tommy, Fico!

Tommy: Uh!

Fico: Yeah?

[Takuya and Zoe keep walking. J.P. and Tommy stop.]

Zpe: Our devices look the same!

Takuya: Maybe girls aren't meant to be Digimon!

Doki: Yeah, even you, girls.

Zoe: Excuse you!

Mundi: What you say, Doki?!

J.P.: (to Tommy) Hey shorty, I have an idea.

[Kouji, on Trailmon.]

TRAILMON: Hwaah! Hwaah!

[Trailmon pulls up at the station.]

[J.P. and Tommy, walking.]

J.P.: This place sucks. Sucks to a T. You with me, kid?

Tommy: Yeeuh. Well. I guess so...Uh, but...

Fico: But...

J.P.: But? But what?

Tommy: When Takuya turned into a Digimon, he looked killer cool, just like a superhero!

Fico: Awesome!

Otto: Guh. They weren't that great.

Tommy: Well, I - I've always wanted to be a hero!

J.P.: Kids? Take it from me. This hero stuff? It's way overrated, and I should know. It's entirely too much work, it's dangerous, not to mention annoying, there's always some sap yelling "Oh save me, save me!"

Tommy: Mm, I guess...

Fico: Me too.

J.P.: Attaboy! Now, what say we find our way outta this dump.

[At the station.]

Sci-Ryan: What destiny is that gogglehead and dog on about?

Bertram T. Monkey: What ever it is, Sci-Ryan. I hope it's a good one.

Ryan F-Freeman: Me too. Sora? Any ideas?

Sora: Don't know.

Crash Bandicoot: I hope Riku is ok with Cody and us, Sora.

Ophanimon (D-TECTOR): Kouji Minamoto. Commence your search.

Kouji: Search? For what?

Ryan: What was it are we searching for?

Ophanimon (D-TECTOR): The spirit.

Kouji: How do you know my name? Hmm?

Ophanimon (D-TECTOR): Find the spirit, and you will find the answers to all your questions.

Kouji: Not good enough. I'm not some lapdog you can just order around, y'know...What is this spirit, anyway? I mean, how do I know where to look for it? ...Oh!

[A spinning globe comes out of the D-Tector.]

Kouji: What's this? Huh? This gets weirder by the minute!

Sci-Ryan: I think it's like the Friendship Games all over again.

Trailmon: Hah! You said it!

[J.P., Fico, Otto and Tommy, walking in the station.]

J.P.: Yo, Tommy. Check this lil' guy out. [to Pagumon] Hey, egg-shaped dude with ears! What's shakin'?

Pagumon: Ah! Hnh?

J.P.: Listen, this world o' yours isn't really our scene! Thing is, we don't know how to leave. So whaddaya say? Can you help us out?

Otto: Can you tell where the Train Station is?

Pagumon: Buzz off!

J.P.: I'll make it worth your while. Here. Hehe. How about a bar of premium chocolate? Aaahh!!! [Pagumon grabs the chocolate] Alright eggface! Talk to me and you get the whole bar.

Otto: So please, tell us.

Pagumon: [chewing] Mmm. Ah mm Ahmmm...Hm. Take Angle the Trailmon at the station. He can take you two back where you came from.

Tommy: Wow! For real?

Pagumon: Now, fork it over!

J.P.: Thanks, bud.

[J.P., Otto, Fico and Tommy run away.]

Pagumon: Mmm. It's delicious! I'll bet there's a lot more of that stuff!

Tommy, Fico, Otto and J.P.: [running] *laugh*

Kouji: There goes an accident waiting to happen. They really shouldn't be wandering alone in this place but...oh well, I'm not here to play babysitter.

Sora: Yeah, let's go.

They left

J.P.: [to Trailmon] Hey there, you sleek motor transport you, feel like taking a ride to the real world?

Tommy: Yeah? Please?

Fico: Come on...

Trailmon: Take a hike!

Tommy: Huh...

J.P.: How about a tasty down payment? And two more bars once you get there? [Trailmon takes the chocolate from his hand.] Whoah!

Trailmon: Mmm! Yummy!

J.P., Tommy, Otto and Fico: Aah!

Trailmon: I'm off [...]

[He zooms off in a cloud of smoke.]

Tommy: Wait! You're supposed t- [coughs] -to take us...

Fico: And Animal...

J.P.: With you.

Pagumon: [bouncing and laughing] Mm!

Tommy: Hm?

J.P.: Ah!

Pagumon 1: Hey, chocolate boy! We want more!

[All Pagumon bounce.]

J.P.: No way!

[Pagumon collaborate.]

Poyomon: Oh!

[They run away.]

Tommy, Fico, Otto and J.P.: Whoa! AAAHH!!

[Pagumon attack them. They run.]

J.P.: C'mon! Run!

In a Poyomon / Pagumon village.]

Pagumon: Time to play! More room for Poyo people!

Zoe: Oh.

Takuya: Aah! Huh? Hey, where's Tommy?

Doki: And Fico and Otto?

Zoe: They're with J.P., I think.

Bokomon: Maybe they're playing hide and go seek.

Zoe: Alright, now I'm worried.

Mundi: Me too.

Takuya: Huh, we'd better go look for them.

Neemon: [falls out the window] Huh!

[J.P., Fico, Otto and Tommy, running.]

Tommy: Huh, come on!

J.P., Fico, Otto and Tommy: Aah! Aah!

Tommy: They're gaining on us!

Fico: Run faster!

[Zoe, Takuya, Doki, Mundi, Gabi, Anabelle, Bokomon and Neemon, searching for J.P., Fico, Otto and Tommy.]

Zoe: Tommy!

Zoe, Mundi, Gabi, Anabelle, Takuya, Doki: Where are you?

Takuya: J.P.!

Doki: Otto! Fico!

Zoe: Where could they be?

Gabi: I don't know.

Bokomon: Hey, Poyomon! Have you seen any human children?

Poyomon: We saw two being chased into the forest by Pagumon! Over there!

Neemon: Oh! Oh! That's worse than bad!

Zoe: Pagumon?

Bokomon: Nasty little Digimon with bad attitudes.

Takuya: Huh.

Doki: Bad Attitude?

[Kouji and the others, walking.]

Kouji: Huh. This is getting old. [He notices a hole in the wall.] Huh? It's probably safer to stay away from creepy holes in the wall. Oh. But I didn't come all this way to play it safe. This better not be someone's idea of a joke. [He walks into the hole and down the staircase.] Anyone here? OK, I suppose not.

Sora: We are ok. Ryan's goggles are working.

[Tommy, Fico, Otto and J.P., hiding in a valley in the grass.]

Tommy: Oh! Come on! Come on, digivolve me, make me digivolve now!

Fico: Please! Make me digivolve!

J.P.: Keep it down!

Otto: You're blowing our cover!

Tommy: We are keeping it down! But we wanna digivolve like Takuya and Doki so we can beat them!

J.P.: That's crazy talk! What do you think a runt like you can do, huh? Besides, digivolving looks kinda painful, ever think about that?

Otto: He's right.

Fico: I bet digivolving's not as painful as being eaten alive by those crazy Digimon. Mm. Aah? Ah - be-hind - lots - aah - yeergh!

[J.P., Fico, Otto and Tommy scream, run and fall into a hole. Tommy and Fico drops their D-Tector.]

J.P. You OK, kiddo?

Tommy: Uh. I think so.

Otto: Me too.

J.P.: Cool. Let's scram before we become someone's lunch.

Fico: Ok.

Takuya: Tommy!

Zoe: Tommy!

Takuya: J.P.!

Zoe: Answer me!

Doki: Fico! Otto! Where are you!

Bokomon: Oh, just as peaceful as I remembered. Except for the screaming kids.

Neemon: They are loud.

Bokomon: Rather. Uh! Where'd they go? Uh! We've lost them!

Neemon: Just follow the noise, silly!

Takuya: Where could they have gotten off to?

Doki: Yeah, why?

Zoe: Poor Tommy, he's such a little guy. He didn't even want to be here in the first place!

Gabi: Okay. We get it.

Takuya: Yeah, you're right. He really shouldn't be out without his parents. I guess I'm just gonna have to keep my eye on him.

Doki: And I have to keep an eye on him.

Zoe: *laughs* Look at you and your dog, pretending to be all mature! How adorable!

Takuya: Hey! What do you mean, pretending? I'm in the sixth grade!

Doki: I'm from somewhere else.

Zoe: Really? You're in the same grade as I am? Who'd have thought? I was sure you and your dog were two or three years younger, at least!

Doki: Wait a second.

Takuya: Wait a minute! What's that supposed to mean?

Zoe: When's your birthday?

Takuya: In August!

Doki: Mine is on July!

Zoe: Hah! I knew it! I am older, I was born in May. That makes me a grand total of three months older than you and your dog.

Mundi: Wow.

Takuya: Huh? Uhh...That doesn't mean anything.

Zoe: Whatever.

Takuya: [spots Tommy and Fico's D-Tector] Hey, check it out!

Zoe: That belongs to Tommy and Fico!

Takuya, Doki, Mundi, Gabi, Anabelle and Zoe: [scream and fall into the same hole.]

Bokomon: Huh?

Neemon: Oh.

Zoe: I'm alive! I'm alive! [hugs Takuya] I could just kiss you!

Gabi: I hope you kiss me.

Takuya: Ah...huh...

Doki: What?

Zoe: Wah! Ah! [starts hitting him] Get away from me!

Gabi: Get away!

Takuya: What? Girls, you're the one who grabbed me and Doki in the first place!

Doki: He's right, guys.

Zoe: Our name is not girls, it's Zoe. And keep your hands to yourself in the future, you little boy!

Gabi: Same for you, Doki.

Takuya:, are all mature girls this crazy?

Doki: Yeah.

Gabi: Hey!

Zoe: That is so like a child! Sitting here yapping away when we should be looking for Tommy!

Takuya: Fine, let's go! They're there. *gulp* After you...*nervous laugh*


J.P.: The wind's blowing in this direction, so if we walk this way we should find a way out.

Tommy: Are you sure?

J.P.: Yeah. Why?

Tommy: So there's no chance we're walking around in circles?

Fico: He's right.

J.P.: What gave you that idea?

Tommy: This Cross! Here.

J.P.: Huh. So it's a cross. So what?

Fico: Well, I drew it when we started out.

J.P.: Whaaaa-

Tommy: That means we're lost! We'll be stuck down here for days!

Fico: Oh. We're lost animals!

J.P.: That's if we're lucky, it could be months!

Tommy & Fico: *cries*

Otto: Oh no.

J.P.: Not again. Here, this'll make you feel better. [breaks off a piece of chocolate] Go on. Look on the bright side, at least we won't starve.

Tommy: Mm hm.

[They look at each other, smile and are about to bite down.]

J.P., Tommy, Otto, Fico: Hm?

Pagumon 1: We're back!

[Pagumon drop onto J.P., Otto, Fico and Tommy, who scream.]

J.P.: Tommy! Here, just take 'em! [He throws chocolate at them, and J.P. and Tommy run away.]

Pagumon 2: The human smells like chocolate!

Pagumon 3: Eat the human! Eat the human!

All Pagumon: Eat the human!

Kouji: What's this?

Ryan: There's someone crying for help. Listen!

J.P.: Help! Somebody!

Otto: Save us!

Tommy: I'm not a chocolate bar! Wooah!

Kouji: Huh?

J.P.: Help! Anyone, please!

Zoe: It's Tommy, Otto, Fico and J.P.! We have to help them!

Takuya: I know that!

Doki: Me too.

All: Uh. Hmph.

[They start running towards the sound.]

Tommy, Fico, Otto and J.P.: *scream*

Kouji: [using a stick to fend off the Pagumon] Hwaah! Hwah! Mm! Aah! Mm. Uh...uh! Uh!

Tommy: Who's that? Whoa!

J.P.: That guy's serious!

Otto: I hope it was easy.

Kouji: *more battlecries* [He flings all the Pagumon into walls] Mm.

Sora: Leave them alone!

Pagumon 4: Not yet, human! Don't smile yet...

[Pagumon digivolves to Raremon.]

Raremom: Yeeuah.

Tommy, Fico, Otto and J.P.: Wahh!

Raremom: W-I'll eat you up.

Kouji: Wah!

Ophanimon (D-TECTOR / DIGIMON ANALYZER): Raremon. A sewer Digimon. If the smell of its rotting flesh doesn't knock you out, its Acid Sludge attack will.

[Raremon attacks. Kouji jumps and knocks Tommy out of the way.]

All: Wah!

Tommt: [in Kouji's arms] *whimper*

Sci-Ryan: You ok?

Raremon: Acid Sludge! Woh!

Tommy: Whoa.

Zoe: Oo, it smells!

Gabi: It's not me.

Takuya: Spirit, wake up! I need you! Come on, I'm not kidding here! Uh...uh!

Doki: Come on.

Bokomon: Hey Takuya, Doki, no pressure, but you might want to think about spirit evolving before Stinky there turns your friends into goop.

Raremon: Going somewhere?

Takuya: Come on, come on! SPIRIT!! Aahh!

Ophanimon (D-TECTOR): It is time.

Takuya & Doki: Rah! Execute! Spirit Evolution!

Dogmon: Dogmon!

Agunimon: Ah! Agunimon! Rah! Aaah! Ah! Ah! Eeuh! Huh! [to Tommy and Kouji] Now's your chance! Run!

Takuya, Tommy and Kouji: Oh!

Then Agunimon and Dogmon has change back into Takuya and Doki

Takuya: What's going on? I turned back into me!

Doki: But why!?

Takuya, Doki, Tommy and Kouji: Oh!

Raremon: Still here! [Attacks] Buah!

Takuya: Watch out! Oh no!

[Kouji falls into a hole]

Raremon: *attacks and laughs*

Kouji: Ah! [spirit appears] Uh? What's going on here? Uh! Uhh...Ahh...SPIRIT! Uh...

Ophanimon (D-TECTOR): It is time.

Kouji: Execute! Spirit Evolution!

Lobomon: Uhh! Uh! Uh! Lobomon!

All: Oh!

J.P.: Oh, wow!

Takuya: Man, did I look that cool?

Doki: Yeah.

Tommy: *nods* Mm hm! Yeah, but different!

Lobomon: Uh! Uh...Ruh!

Bokomon: That's the legendary warrior of light, Lobomon!

Zoe: I've never seen anything so beautiful! In my whole life!

Anabelle: Me too.

J.P.: Me neither!

Takuya: You can say that again!

Raremon: Acid Sludge!

Lobomon: Lobo Kendo! Uh! Aahh! Huh! Aah! Huh!

Raremon: Aah!

Lobomon: Yeauh! Now, you talking trash heap! Uh! Prepare to be recycled! Fractal code...digitize!

[He digitizes the fractal code and turns back into Kouji.]

Zoe: Molto bravissimo!


Doki: And who are those guys with some key like weapons?

Takuya: Hah?

Tommy: Whoa! Hm?

Takuya: You OK? Let me help you up!

Kouji: Don't touch me.

Takuya: Uh...wha?

Kouji: I don't need your help. Or anyone else's. ...But I guess I should thank you for saving me. I always repay my debts.

Takuya: I didn't do it so you'd owe me, you know.

Kouji: My name's Kouji Minamoto. And you are...? ...So, are you gonna tell me? I can't repay you if I don't know your name.

Takuya: I'm Takuya Kanbara.

Doki: Doki.

Kouji: Takuya, Doki, huh? See ya.

He left with Ryan, Sora and his friends

J.P.: What's his deal?

Zoe: Come on guys, let's get out of here. This place smells like dead fish!

Gabi: Yup. Saved by a techno-organic, a human, a CPA student, a monkey and a Bandicoot. Along with some friends.

Rika: Wolf-boy has some pretty sweet moves. But what's with the attitude? Find out on the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!

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