Kron from Dinosaur

Kron is the selfish and gruff Iguanodon from Pooh's Adventures of Dinosaur. Kron was originally the leader of the herd of dinosaurs trying to reach the Nesting Grounds after a devestating meteor impact. Kron is very gruff, selfish and rude. He did not care for the weak or elderly dinosaurs and didn't care if anyone during the migration dies. This was in contrast to Aladar, who watches out for the weak ones. Kron and Aladar had an intense rivalry and after a battle determining leadership, Aladar assumed leadership and while he rallied the herd to get past an attacking Carnotaur, Kron was killed by the predator.

Although he and Aladar were against the Carnotaurs, this didn't make them allies at all. Kron was still a cold hearted dinosaur.


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