This is how Kuryan and Umarak protect Celestia and Ryan vs Scrappy Rex goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan meet Scooby-Doo: The Movie.

[Kuryan summons his Keyblade and pulls out his gun]

[Crash summons his Keyblade and Umarak brings out his Bone Hunting Bow Shooter]

Ryan Tokisaki: Ok. We need to protect Celestia or we will be history.

Umarak the Hunter: Right.

[They fire at the Cult members]

Scrappy-Rex: Celestia, where are you?!

Ryan F-Freeman: I'm over here you big mutt! From what I know, Quintessa is a toy!

Ryalight Glimmer: Nobody calls Quintessa a toy!

[Crash uses his magic and Quintessa uses her powers and they clash]

Crash Bandicoot: Say hello to Ryan's apprentice and Starscream's friend, Matau T. Monkey.

Matau T. Monkey: Uni-beam! [fires the Magic of his Keyblade and his arc reactor]

[Quintessa screams and disappears]

Matau T. Monkey: I float like a butterfly.

Bumblebee: And sting like a bee.

Umarak the Hunter: See you never, Quintessa. This is for Optimus and Twilight after you put them under a spell.

Ryan Tokisaki: Looks like Matau is the Element of Helpfulness. [points his gun at a 7] Zafkiel! Zyan!

Velma: We've gotta tip over the vat.

Fred: How?

Velma: The pincer. Come on.

[Crash follows Velma]

[Ryan smirks like Adagio]

[Fred gets the climbing gear and uses it as a whip]

Fred: You all need to step back, because Fredster's got his groove on.

[The cult members try to stop Fred but Sidecord uses XR and Fred uses the gear to knock them down]

[Spikewave transforms to radio mode and plays the song Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?]

[Codylight engages Ryalight in a Keyblade battle]

[Back to Kuryan and Umarak with Celestia]

[Kuryan sees Shaggy's love, Mary Jane]

Ryan Tokisaki: Whoa. Mary Jane?

[She exhales gas and Kuryan puts on a clothes peg on his nose]

Ryan Tokisaki: Ugh. Maybe you need mouthwash.

[Kuryan sprays some perfume at Mary]

[Celesta laughs]

[Ryan hugs Celestia]

Scrappy-Rex: Give me the Alicorn. If you want to live.

Ryan F-Freeman: Huh? Oh no. I'll never give you my mentor!

Megatron: Oh. So unwise.

[Ryan slaps Scrappy. At Codylight's fight against Ryalight]

Ryalight Glimmer: We were brothers once!

Codylight Sparkle: Once.

[Collide opens a portal and Codylight tosses Ryalight to Tartarus]

[Ryan pulls the hairs off Scrappy's nose]

[Scrappy screams in pain]

Blast-Off: That is gonna hurt.

Sci-Scamper: Tell me about it.

Ryarek: Celestia needs to be save. Onslaught, will you do the honors?

Onslaught: Sure. Combaticons! Combine into Bruticus!

[The Combaticons combine to Bruticus]

Bruticus: Bruticus online.

Matter McQueen: I can think we quit.

Ryarek: Don't quit right now, Combatibots and combine into Maticus.

[The Combatibots combine into Maticus]

Maticus: Maticus online.

[Maticus punches Scrappy]

[Bruticus slaps Scrappy in the face]

[Maticus and Bruticus tag team Scrappy]

Ryan F-Freeman: How to defeat him? [looks at the pincer] I know.

[Crash defeats Cortex by sending him flying through a blind up in the vent shaft]

[Scrappy starts to feel weak as Bruticus and Maticus continue to tag team him]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey, Scrappy!

Scrappy-Rex: What?

Ryan F-Freeman: You are a bad boy! Time to put you on a leash! [controls the pincer to grab the Daemon Ritus on Scrappy's chest]

[Ryan pulls the Daemon Ritus off Scrappy's chest]

[The souls get out of Scrappy]

Scrappy-Rex: NOO!!! Why did you do that?!

Ryan F-Freeman: Cause I am a hero like your uncle. My friends are my power and I am theirs.

[Scrappy-Rex transforms back into Scrappy-Doo as the souls go back into the peoples' bodies and demons come out. Evil Ryan pulls on the string and a disco ball shines bright along with Kuryan's gun, Hot Rod's mirror and lights, Umarak's Lightning McQueen's lucky sticker, and some mirrors]

[The demons blow up]

Ryan Tokisaki: We did it! We did it!

[Crash dances his victory dance with Umarak]

[Scrappy puts up his fists]

Scrappy-Doo: Come on, I can still take you. Put them up.

[Maticus grabs Scrappy]

Scrappy-Doo: Is that all you got?

Maticus: I guess you are under arrest.

Scrappy-Doo: What?!

Ryan F-Freeman: Don't worry. The police could give you a home.

[Umarak and Kuryan hear banging and go over to a hole and open it and find the real Emile Mondavarious]

Umarak the Hunter: Mondavarious is that you?

Emile Mondavarious: Yes.

Kuryan: How did you get in there?

Emile Mondavarious: Two years ago, that little pest turns up at a casting session for our evil elves. The next thing I know, I'm stuck in a hole and he's cavorting about in a mechanical version of me.

[Later, the police are at the pair and Crash puts Scrappy in a dog carrier]

[Ryan gives the pyramid to a police officer]

Ryan F-Freeman: Put this in a museum and make sure that it is secure.

News reporter: So, tell us about what you discover.

Fred: It all started when I was giving a speech on my new book... [looks at Velma] And uh, I really think the Velmster should take it from here.

Velma: Ok. Through the combined power of the relic, Scappy tried to make himself all powerfull.

[Ryan puts the dog carrier to the helicopter ]

Scrappy Doo: Oh get over it. So I got a little cranky.

Crash Bandicoot: Shut up, puppy. There's only two heroes who have power. [to Ryan and Twilight] If you catch my drift.

Scrappy-Doo: And I would have got away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling other worldly sons of a...

[Crash closes the door and Scrappy's voice is muted]

[Everyone cheers for our heroes]

Ryan F-Freeman: Crash is good. At least Quintessa is gone after what she did to us.

Twilight Sparkle: Yes. And we did it with the magic of...

Matau T. Monkey: Yeah! Friendship! Heroes and ponies and robots and stuff.

Ryan Tokiskai: Thanks, Umarak. For saving Mystery Inc.

Umarak the Hunter: Your welcome. Thanks for believing in me and Ryan.

[Ryan looks at the sky as the helicopter flies off]

Ryan F-Freeman: [narrating] With some new and old allies, we saved everyone from the demons and Quintessa. And the future will be a bright one. I am Prince Ryan F-Freeman Prime, friend of Princess Twilight Sparkle. And I send this message, so that our time with Scooby and the gang will be forever as time goes on.

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