This is how Kuryan vs. Kotori and Tish saved Kuryan goes in The Creation of Ryan Tokisaki.

[Kuryan laughs]

Ryan Tokisaki: Now then. How about you and I engage for a little spireted contest?

Kotori Itsuka: Bring it on, Blushy boy.

[Kuryan and Kotori fight]

Ryan Tokisaki: Is that the best you can do? I have to admit I'm not impressed. You can call forth your angel and you think you can defeat a cute boy like me, do you? I don't think so!

Kotori Itsuka: Why don't you keep your mouth shut? Kurumi and you are cuter when you're not talking!

[She whacks the ground and Kuryan jumps back]

Ryan Tokisaki: Well, Flame girl. I bet that you are cuter with your and Megatron's heads mounted on my wall! [points his gun at a 7 and his musket and Keyblade at 2 and 4] Zafkiel! Zayin!

[Kuryan fires his gun at Kotori]

Tish: Guys! Stop! Please!

Jessie Primefan: Leave Megatron out of this!

[Kotori freezes in time]

Ryan Tokisaki: It must be so sucked to be you right now. Frozen in time and surounded completely.

[Kuryan's clones fire at Kotori then Kuryan points his gun close at Kotori's head]

Ryan Tokisaki: Oh well. Sayonara, Flame girl.

[He fires and Kotori falls on the ground]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oohhh. That's gonna leave a mark.

Ryan Tokisaki: [laughs then sighs] One blank shot to the nogin. That did dampen Shido's spirit. It is too bad that I really started to enjoy her and now. Like Megatron. She's dead. That one is done and dusted. Your turn, Tish. Let's have a little fun.

[Kuryan saw Kotori get healed]

Kotori Itsuka: I know you did what Kurumi did. [gets up on her feet] Not part of your plan? If you rather tuck your tail between your legs and run home, I completely understand.

Ryan Tokisaki: Ha! Not in your dreams, Flame girl. Yeah! [Ponits his weapons at 1 and 7] Aleph.

[Kuryan fires at his clones then he shoots himself. Kotori pushes Tish out of the way and got dogpiled by Kuryan's clones]

Tish: What is she doing?

Kotori Itsuka: Cut him to pieces! Camael!

[Korori blasts the Kuryan clones away and the orginal Kuryan gets hit]

Ryan Tokisaki: You are going to pay for that! [Points his gun at a 4 and his Keyblade at a 12] Come on, Zafkiel! Dalleto!

[Kuryan shoots himself and he gets healed]

Kotori Itsuka: Come on! Don't give up on me already! You can't quit cause your opponant is warmed up. It's bad form!

Ryan Tokisaki: I promise you. You will be sorry if you decide to mess with me. [With his and Kurumi's voices] ZAFKIEL!!!!!!

Kotori Itsuka: Yeah! Hit me with your best shot!

[Kotori feels something in her]

Kotori Itsuka: What's... happening?

Sci-Ryan: Kotori! You ok?

Ryan Tokisaki: Looks like your luck has run out. [Laughs]

Tish: Kotori? Sci-Ryan's asking you.

Kotori Itsuka: Camael... MEGIDDO!!!!!

[her weapon turns into a cannon, which makes Sci-Ryan gasp]

Ryan Tokisaki: Whoa! Big guns! Come to me right now!

[Kuryan's clones come to protect Kuryan]

Kotori Itsuka: Burn them to ashes! DO IT, CAMAEL!

[She blasts Kuryan's clones and Kuryan is alive but hurt]

Sci-Ryan: She's losing control of herself and her powers.

Ryan Tokisaki: [coughs] Spare me..

Kotori Itsuka: Pick up your Keyblade and your weapon. The fight and the war is not over. Come on, blushy boy! Let's have more of that destruction Kurumi and you love so much! This is the fight you wanted. This is the war Kurumi and Ryan wanted! Isn't it!?

Ryan Tokisaki: Tish.... Help me....

Kotori Itsuka: If you can't face the muzzle of a gun anymore, it's over. Time for you to die and join Cliffjumper in the Allspark.

Sci-Ryan: KOTORI! If you keep pushing like that, he WILL die!

Tish: Is there a way to resolve conflicts without killing spirits?

[Kotori's weapon starts charging]

Sci-Ryan: Listen to Tish! You have to stop! Stop!

[Kotori chuckles as she looks at Kuryan. Sci-Ryan uses hand signals to tell Tish to protect Kuryan and runs to him]

Tish: [runs to Kuryan and stands in front of him] Stay back!

Sci-Ryan: [stands next to Tish] I'll protect you. [summons his Keyblade and picks up Kuryan's Keyblade]

Ryan Tokisaki: No... Don't. Please.

[Kotori gasps as she fires her weapon]


Evil Anna: Get out of there, my boyfriend!

Ryan F-Freeman: Ohh. I can't watch!

[Sci-Ryan and Tish got hit. Sci-Ryan lays on the ground and saw Kotori 5 years ago]

Kotori Itsuka: [crying and looks at Sci-Ryan] Big brother?

[Sci-Ryan closes his eyes]

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