Kuwagamon is an insectivoid digimon that is under the villain leages control and is one of Dark Cynder's pets. however, after cynder was cured by Spyro, Kuwagamon and Shellmon are now in service to Etemon. in spongebob and friends quest for Camelot, he and two other bad Digimon, Shellmon and Seadramon, and Ruber's griffin, stole Excaliber, only to be easily prevented by Silverwings, and Kuwagamon blundered the most, although the Griffin was mosted blimed. Kuwagamon at the end was flamed by the digidested's digimon, and it fall. it was thought to be dead, but then return in Spongebob and friends meet lilo and stitch, sent by Galaxhar to capture Stitch, but was Defeated by Piximon. Kuwagamon is now buried, but since it's an exsellent digger, it will eventally return.

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