(Kuzco walks across the log)

(He walks and then stops to look at the palace far away)

(He takes off the disguise and leaves)

(The thunder claps during the rain)

Kuzco: (narrating) So this is where you came in. See, just like I said, I'm the victim here. I didn't do anything, and they ruined my life and took everything I had.

Kuzco: Hey, give it a rest up there, will you?

Kuzco: (narrating) What? I'm just telling them what happened.

Kuzco: Who you kidding, pal? They saw the whole thing. They know what happened.

Kuzco: (narrating) Well, yeah, but... but...

Kuzco: Just leave me alone.

(He sleeps)

(The rain stops when Kronk sleeps)

Kronk: (wakes up) The peasant at the diner! He didn't pay his check.

(He falls asleep again and the wakes up)

Kronk: He's the peasant who I saw leaving the city who disappeared into the crowd with Kuzco on the back of his cart. He must have taken him back to his village, so if we find the village, we find him... and if we find him, we find Kuzco. Oh, yeah, it's all comin' together.

Clayton: Congratulations, Kronk. Our dreams come true.

(Kronk enters Yzma's tent)

Kronk: Wake up!

Yzma: What?

(Kronk screams in disgust)

Yzma: This had better be good!

Stromboli: We like to know what is the good news.

(That morning, Kuzco climbs on the rock)

(Kuzco walks and stops to see the field filled with llamas)

(He enters it and waves his hoof, but the llamas ignore him)

(He begins to eat the grass and swallows it and is disgusted)

Pacha: (Kuzco hears his voice) So there we were standing on the cliff, and the ground started to rumble. And just as it started to go, he grabbed me before I fell. Do you believe that? You know, call me crazy for following this guy all the way out here... but as much as he tries to deny it, I know there's some good in him. Besides, I couldn't just leave him out here all alone. He's a lousy llama. I mean, a really lousy llama.

(Kuzco smiles)

(Franklin and friends smile at him)

Kuzco: Guys, you know... what I said to you back at the diner, that-that... l-I didn't really...

Franklin: It's all right, Kuzco. We'll forgive you.

Bear: Yeah. That what friends are for.

Pacha: So, you tired of being a llama?

Kuzco: (sobbing) Yes!

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