Pacha: Uh, afternoon, Your Highness. I'm here because I received a summons...

Kuzco: Hey, there he is! My main village man. And my favorite King Babar and Lord Rataxes.

Pacha: Um, Pacha. 

Babar: That right. I am Babar. 

Franklin: My name is Franklin. This is Snail. These are other friends, Bear and Beaver. These are my family, my parents, my granny and my sister, Harriet. 

Goose: My name is Goose. 

Fox: I'm Fox. 

Rabbit: I'm Rabbit. 

Skunk: My name's Skunk. 

Badger: I am Badger. 

Raccoon: I am Raccoon. 

Slyly: They call me Slyly. 

Leonard: I'm Leonard. 

Celeste: I am his wife, Celeste. These are our children, Pom, Flora, Alexander and Isabelle. 

Otter: I am Otter. 

Moose: My name is Moose. 

Klaus: I am Klaus, and this is Dany. 

Dodger: I'm Dodger. and this is Tito, Einstein, Francis and Rita. 

Pacha: Anyway, l-I got this summons...

Kuzco: Pacha. That's right. You are just the people I wanted to see.

Pacha: We are?

Kuzco: Word on the street is you can fix my problem. You can fix my problem, can't you?

Pacha: Sure. I'll do what I can.

Kuzco: Good, good. That's just what I wanted to hear. Are you aware of just how important your village is to the empire?

Pacha: Well, I know we grow the crops that you use here at the palace. We also herd the llamas that you... (Kuzco opens the cover) My village?

Kuzco: Oh, yeah. You got a pretty sweet little setup there on top of that hill, don't you?

Pacha: Yeah. My family has lived on that hilltop for the last six generations.

Franklin's mom: I didn't know you had a family.

Kuzco: Uh-huh. So tell me...where do you find you get the most sun?

Pacha: Oh, l-I'd say just on the other side of those trees. When the sun hits that ridge just right, these hills sing.

Kuzco: Well, that settles it.

Pacha: Really?

Kuzco: Yep. Problem solved. Thanks for coming.

Pacha: That's it?

Beaver: (in Alice's voice) Is that all?

Pacha: That's all you wanted me for?

Kuzco: I just needed an insider's opinion before I okayed this spot for my pool.

Pacha: Uh, your pool?

Kuzco: Boo-yah!

Rabbit: (in Young Thumper's voice) Gee whiz, what happened that time?

Kuzco: Welcome to ultimate summer getaway, complete with water slide.

Pacha: What?

Kuzco: Isn't it great? It's my birthday gift to me. I'm so happy.

Pacha: I don't understand how this could happen.

Kuzco: Well, let me clear it up for you. At my birthday celebration tomorrow...I give the word, and your town will be make way for this. 

Franklin: We cannot buy anything. 

(Pacha puts the toy roof on the toy house, but Kuzco throws on a tiny bit to the floor) 

Kuzco: So, if I were you, I'd pick up some change-of-address forms on the way home.

Dodger: What on earth do you think we do?

Kuzco: Hmm. Don't know, don't care. How's that?

Pacha: Oh, but wait. You can't...

(The guards block Pacha and friends)

Rataxes: Hey!

Kuzco: When I give the word... your little town thingy will be bye-bye. Bye-bye.

Pacha: (the guards take them out) Oh, w-wait. No...

Kuzco: Boo-hoo. 

Kuzco: (narrating) Oh, yeah. Everything was goin' my way. (Meanwhile, Kronk destroys the statue of Kuzco) Or so I thought.

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