Kyle's Adventures in Teen Titans
Kyle's Adventures in Teen Titans
is a spin off series made by kylgrv that takes place during The FT Squad ChroniclesIt is unknown if the series will appear on YouTube in the future.


The series follows the adventures Kyle, leader of the Future Time Travel Squadron, had with the Teen Titans; Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven.  Together with his friends, Kyle battles new enemies and protects the world from evil. 


  • As mentioned above, the series is part of The FT Squad Chronicles, a series of adventures that takes place either during the main adventure series, or before the adventure series.  This takes place before The FT Squad's Adventures in The Lion King.
  • Kyle changes his attire for this series.
  • Kyle's relationships with the Titans are strong, and they remind him of the Furious Five, who Kyle used to train alongside during Kyle's Adventures in Kung Fu Panda.
  • Kyle holds a high amount of respect towards Robin.  Despite differences in personality, Robin and Kyle have proven to be great friends, as well as partners in combat.
  • Kyle has a brother/sister relationship with Starfire.  Starfire and Kyle enjoy each other's company and like making each other happy.
  • Kyle and Cyborg get along perfectly.  They both enjoy each other's company and playing video games.
  • Kyle and Beast Boy also get along fine, though often times, Kyle finds Beast Boy slightly annoying and cocky, but this doesn't stop them from being good friends.
  • Kyle's relationship with Raven is rather quiet.  Raven originally had a dislike of Kyle when he first joined the team, but after a few missions, Raven warmed up to Kyle.  Kyle is well aware of Raven's bad side, and sometimes keeps his distance.  But the two respect each other, and Raven eventually called Kyle one of her best friends.
  • After Kyle's Adventures in Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, Kyle reunited with his FT Squad teammates; Rudy, Dennis, Cassidy and Kimmy.  Together, they took the forms of animals and traveled to Lake Hoohaw, where Kyle's Adventures in PB&J Otter took place.  Despite moving on, Kyle and the Titans promised to keep in touch from time to time.