Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson is the leader of the Original, Super, and Ultimate Angel Squad. He is a God Original/Super/Ultimate Angel Saiyan. He also the Prince of Narnia. He also the Alpha Saiyan who controlled all the saiyan, including dragons and all living things. He has many pets Godzilla and two Bewilderbeest one is white name Icemallow and one dark name Chocoice and more. He created the Dinobots, The Legendary Warrior Digimon, Celestial Digimon, the Legendary Pokemon, and two guardians of Clow Cards Keroberos Guardian Beast of the Seal and Yue the Final Judgement when he was a baby. He has a Rider, partner, and a pet the Legendary Angel Beast has four wings, with holy rings, and rainbow tailed-feathers called the Angel Phoenix. He has mother Karen,his two fathers Aslan and Bardock, all his brothers, sisters, and his younger brothers and another Prince of Narina Goku and Ryo, the primes, and more, his two wives Becky and Maleficent (2014), his four sons Kyle Jr., Goku Jr., Swift, and Rapid, and his three daughters Sara, Blossom, and Aero. He also have a many friends who traveled, adventures, playing, and a lot of fun with him and the other Original/Super/Ultimate Angel Squads. He follow his own great grandfather's footstep to for-fulled his destiny and his dreams. Kyle created a new Autobot name Leobreaker to battle the upgrade pack.



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