Kyle and Kaytlin's Adventures in The Wild Thornberrys Movie 
Kyle and Kaytlin's Adventures in The Wild Thornberrys Movie
is a kylgrv crossover film that is part of a series of crossover films that make up The FT Squad Chronicles.  It is unknown if the movie will appear on YouTube in the future.  This adventure takes place before The FT Squad's Adventures in The Lion King, the first episode in The FT Squad's Adventures Series


Kyle the Otter and his new FT Squad recruit/girlfriend Kaytlin the Otter go to Africa for a vacation.  Along the way, they meet Eliza Thornberry, a girl with an extraordinary power to talk to animals in her realm.  But their joy is interrupted when they encounter poachers, and enemies whom Kyle and Kaytlin faced before.  The poachers abduct a cheetah cub named Tally, who is a good friend of Eliza's.  After the ensuing struggle, Eliza is sent to a London Boarding School for her own safety.  But after having a dream telling her to go back and save Tally, Eliza, along with her chimpanzee Darwin, Kyle and Kaytlin, who stowed away, travels back to Africa to save Tally and find out what the poachers are up to.  But they are also joined by a stubborn teenager who is the janitor at the Boarding school.  His name is Roy Prong and he claims to be joining them on account that he's helping them find Tally and be their guide.  But is this his true intention and what are the bad guys up too?


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