This is how Kylo-Tron, Sugar Belle, Party Favor, Night Glider, and Double Diamond find out the Lord of Skull Spiders escaped goes in The Skull Spider Hunt.

[Sugar Belle, Party Favor, Night Glider and Double Diamond follow Kylo-Tron to the Lord of Skull Spiders' chambers]

Sugar Belle: The Lord of Skull Spiders. This is the most exciting thing since chasing Starlight Glimmer for the cutie marks.

Party Favor: I know, right.

Night Glider: I wanna see if that guy's really as tough as they say he is.

Double Diamond: Me too.

Kylo-Tron: Feast your eyes on that big boy.

[Sugar Belle, Party Favor, Night Glider, and Double Diamond peek in but don't see him]

Sugar Belle: We don't see him.

Party Favor: Nope.

Night Glider: Nu-uh.

Double Diamond: Mm-mm.

Kylo-Tron: Well he's in there.

Sugar Belle: Are you sure? All we see is a big hole and chewed up bars.

Party Favor: Yeah.

Night Glider: It's weird.

Double Diamond: Almost too weird for me.

Kylo-Tron: Hole and chewed up bars? [looks in and gasps] Oh no, No no no! He ate right through the metal! Oh this is bad. This is really bad. Okay, look we gotta find him before he reproduces. More importantly, before Twilight and her friends find out.

Sugar Belle: Well, we could tent the place.

Party Favor: Yeah.

Night Glider: Trap him again before he escapes.

Double Diamond: Yeah.

Kylo-Tron: [sarcastically] Hey, there you go. They'll never notice a giant tarp covering the castle.

Sugar Belle: Well then what are we gonna do?

Party Favor: We can't just stand here.

Night Glider: We've gotta do something.

Double Diamond: But what?

Kylo-Tron: I've got an idea. To the Autobot Base! [runs off to the lab with the four ponies following him]

Sugar Belle: I love when he does that.

Part Favor: Me too.

Night Glider: Let's catch that Skull Spider.

Double Diamond: Yeah.

[They head to the lab where they find the Groundbridge to and from the Autobot Base]

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