This is how Kylo Twilight interrogates Spike goes in My Little Pony Transformers: The Force Awakens.

[We then see Spike knocked out and his face bloodied up]

[The sound of the door opening jerks him awake]

Kylo Twilight: I didn't know we had the best pilot in the whole Resistance. I'm impressed. None of my men have been able to get out of you what you did with the map.

Spike the Dragon: You might want to rethink your strategy, then.

[Kylo Twilight then proceeds to use the Force to probe the information from his mind]

Kylo Twilight: Where is it?

Spike the Dragon: The Resistance will not be intimidated by you.

[Kylo Twilight increases her mind reading ability]

Kylo Twilight: Where is it?

[Spike finally succumbs]

[Kylo Twilight comes out of the interrogation room]

Kylo Twilight: It's in a droid. A BB unit.

General Grievous: Well then, if it's on Jakku, we'll soon have it.

Kylo Twilight: I leave that you, general.

[She walks off]