This is how Kylo Twilight speaks with the officer and Sonata and Thorax meet Sunset and Grid the Xenomorph goes in My Little Pony Transformers: The Force Awakens.

[We then see an officer approaching Kylo Twilight with caution]

Officer: Ma'am, the droid we were chasing took off on white t model freighter.

Kylo Twilight: The droid...stole a freighter?

Officer: No, ma'am. It had help.

[Kylo Twilight looks at him]

Officer: We have no confirmation yet, but we believe FN-3187 helped the pilot escape.

[Kylo Twilight pulls out her cross guard keyblade]

[The officer braces himself]

[Kylo Twilight turns around and smashes the computer]

[After calming down, she puts away her keyblade]

Kylo Twilight: Anything else?

Officer: The two were accompanied by a girl.

[Kylo used the Force to pull the officer into her hoof]

[Kylo looked at him]

Kylo Twilight: What girl?

[Cut back to the Falcon]