L.E.G.O is a new movie.


Since the beginning of time, an epic battle has waged between good Minifigures and the forces of evil, and only the spell of a powerful Toa warrior can keep the spirits at bay. When the spell begins to weaken, L.E.G.O – an elite group of heroes comprised of the most beloved LEGO characters – recruit Mata Nui to find the enchanted mask that is the key to stopping the impending villain attack. Together with his new group of allies and the original Toa, Mata Nui embarks on the ultimate adventure to save man (and machine) kind! 


• This film is based on S.C.O.O.B

• This film is a crossover with the Bionicle saga,LEGO Ninjago,LEGO The Legends​ of CHIMA,LEGO NEXO Knights,LEGO Scooby-Doo,LEGO DC Super Hero Girls and LEGO Hero Factory



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