This is how Lady Ubuena is talking to the Yokai Heroes in USApyon and Jibanyan in The Road to the Ancient Yokai.

Our Heroes are hanging out with Blizzaria

Lady Ubuena: Warrior's! Warrior's! Hello?

Blizzaria: The high priest!

They hide

Blizzaria: What if she think if she finds out one of the Warrior is hanging with me.

USApyon: Lucky ones.

Blizzaria: Just-just-just!

She push them

All: Whoa!

They got hit be the wall and went to see Lady Ubuena

Inumaro: Oh, lady Ubuena. What are you doing?

Lady Ubuena: Oh, I- I- I- Humbly request an audience with you, Warrior's.

Komasan: Warrior's, yes. What can we do for you?

Lady Ubuena: Warrior's, I just happened to see Jibanyan and Komasan, out among the Yokai's.

USApyon: Really?

Lady Ubuena: If I may be so good as your advice?

USApyon: Okay. Shoot.

Lady Ubuena: Warrior's, you are perfect.

Inumaro: Well, okay go on.

Lady Ubuena: But in your affection. You cannot know how imperfect Yokai's are. Like Snakes. Spineless and Slippery. They are as untrustworthy as rats. Stealing and cheating with no remorse. Spinning webs of lies, like Spiders!

Fuyunyan: Enough! That's very nasty.

Lady Ubuena: They're beyond disgusting.

Nekoniko: Yeah, yeah. Way beyond.

Lady Ubuena: Then we're in agreement. I'll begin the necessary preparations immediately. Now do you wish to have your victims around? Or you prefer a free range? And will you devouring their essence whole... Or piece by piece.

Komajiro: We don't know what that means.

Lady Ubuena: Warrior's, these people will not respect you if they do not fear you.

USApyon: And of course, we will make them fear us, by...

Lady Ubuena: A Sacrifice! As it is prophesied. The history of the age of the Keima, will be written in?

Komajiro: Ink?

Lady Ubuena: Blood!

Komajiro: Oh, right! That's it! I should probably consult to Komasan and Jibanyan. This is a fairly important stuff, zura.

USApyon: We should, um... Discuss the entire, um, blood issues, right away. Excuse us, let's go, everyone.

They went off to find Komasan and Jibanyan

Lady Ubuena: Well, finally. We are connecting.


Nurarihyon is searching the path to Ancient Yokai

Nurarihyon: This way!

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