The way Lady arrives goes in Thomas and Lady's New Son.

Then, Lady arrived as a Unicorn.

Thomas: Lady? Is that you?

Lady: Yes, Thomas!

Thomas: You look different!

Lady: By different you mean it in a good way?

Thomas: Yes, You look beautiful that way.

Lady: Thank you, Thomas, What a nice thing a Unicorn ever said t me.

Thomas: I'm glad that Twilight and I were friends in the first place.

Lady: Me too.

Twilight Sparkle: I'm glad you two think so.

Lady: We appreciate it, Princess Twilight, Thank you.

Thomas: You're a good friend.

Twilight Sparkle: Thanks.

Later that night.

Thomas: Isn't the night lovely?

Lady: It sure is, Thomas.

Thomas: Almost as lovely as your smile.

Lady: (chuckles)

Thomas: Well, Princess Luna is the one who shines the moon.

Lady: I can't imagine why.

Thomas: And Hiro must be joining her too.

Lady: I suppose you're right, Thomas, You and I have always been really useful engines to Sir Topham Hatt.

Thomas: It's a goo thing we have for years.

Lady: What a beautiful moon.

(Thomas and Lady sing "Love Is An Open Door")

Thomas: May I ask you a question? (has a box has a ring with flashing rainbows)

Lady: What is it, Thomas?

Thomas: Lady, Will you marry me?

Lady: Yes, I will marry you, Thomas!

Thomas: We'll have a great life together, Lady, I promise you!

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