This is how Ladyan vs Lady Sci-Fi goes in Lady Wifi (CTaRAoMToLaCN.


Ladyan: Ok, Ladybug. What is the Akuma in?


[Sci-Ryan spots a phone ringing]

Sci-Ryan: Oh. Phone. I'll get it.

[Sci-Ryan picks up a phone]

Sci-Ryan: Hello? [hears a noise] Uh oh. [tosses the phone at a pillow]

[Lady Sci-Fi and Lady Wifi appears]

Lady Sci-Fi: Well, well. Ladyan and Ladybug. My friend and I are looking for you.

Ladyan: Your friend? Who are you talking about?

Sci-Ryan: Alya?

Lady Wifi: Alya's been disconnected. I'm Lady Wifi. News flash! Ladyan, time to show me your true identity to my partner!

Ladyan: Never!

Lady Sci-Fi:

[Ladyan runs with Crash and Thomas]

Lady Wifi:

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