Lance (NEXO Knights)

Lance Richmund is a character from the LEGO NEXO Knights television show and LEGO brand.


Lance lived with the NEXO Knights, Casey Fairbrother, Mattis T. Monkey and Rianna F-Fiona in the mobile castle, the Fortrex. When Jestro was summoning monsters from the Book of Monsters, he teamed up with Ryan and his friends.


  • Lance has a strong love for his girlfriend and other things.
  • Lance is the boyfriend of Rianna F-Fiona.


  • [after experiencing Sunset and the Human Mane 5 pony-up] How did they do that?
  • Okay. I have no idea what just happened but this is strange.
  • Come on. You can't hide things.
  • So, you grow pony ears, wings and longer hair when you sing or play music.
  • [after Meg Griffin told Lance that she's Ryan's girlfriend] Wow!
  • Come on, let's move.
  • Look! There's the cake.
  • [to Clay 2] Are you sure about this, Clay?
  • I'm comin' too.
  • [grabbing Mater's tow line] Incoming!
  • [after seeing Sir Kylo Ren kissing Rianna] Show-off.
  • Let's go find Thomas.
  • [after seeing Ryan in the LEGO Portal 2 world] Wow!
  • You've got it, Rianna.
  • 19?! Are we gonna do this all night? My armored legs are killing me. [to Rianna] And before you freak out, it's just a figure of speech.
  • Clay's right, guys. We can't give up. Thomas is in trouble and we need to hurry.
  • That Balrog's not turning me into a tin can!
  • Hey, Clay. Why did the toy cross the road?
  • To get to the chicken on the other side of course.
  • But, uh, how do we get across?
  • Clay said drop!
  • Wait for it.
  • Go!
  • Oh, great. It's closed. Well, we tried. Let's go.
  • [after Sci-Ryan orders the others to go in] But Morro said it's closed! What do you think? You don't trust him?
  • [after seeing Ryan's and the Golden Queen's bodies been swapped] Whoa!
  • Hey, uh, ladies we're looking for a friend.
  • [Sees Clay 2] Clay?
  • Let's go.
  • We can do this.
  • A kidnapper that's what.
  • [to Ryan] My girlfriend Rianna is ok with you and Clay, Ryan.
  • Clay, why not just take the lift?
  • So. Let me get this correct. When the moon's not here. Ryan and Odette turn into swans?
  • What?! Clay, that's crazy!
  • [rubbing his head] Ow. My head.
  • Optimus Prime?
  • We kinda need to talk about this.
  • There's the AllSpark's hiding place. But how are we supposed to get passed those guards?
  • [confused] The Kospego?
  • Ryan? How did you turn into a swan?
  • What?
  • We've got to hurry.
  • [confused] The human Crash is Derek's brother?
  • Let's just go.
  • Cool.
  • [to Rianna while he's pointing at a cloud] That's us.
  • Ryan met the Alpha Gang?
  • What happened to your sister, D?
  • Rothbart's stronghold of evil. This is where we wrong the rights..[to Sunset] and sweep the past under a rug.
  • Come on. Let's save B.
  • [after seeing Rianna as a genie] Rianna?

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