Here’s how the camp scene goes in Noby Ran Away from Home: The Musical.

[They stopped at Neptune for the night]

Doraemon: Okay guys we’ll camp here in Uranus for the night.

Sneech: uh…okay

[at the campfire]

Sneech: I’ve got s’mores for everybody and yummy buns for Doraemon

Doraemon: Oh yeah! [eats one of the yummy buns]

Tammy: Hey Sue, are you going to eat your food?

Sue: [tears rolled don her cheek]

Tammy: Oh?

Ash: She’s probably still sad about Noby.

Sneech: I have a question here, Sue. Why do you love Noby and how did you have a crush on him?

Sue:  Alright, here’s the truth. When Noby and I first met each other we got along and we both played games and other kinds of things. When m parent told me it’s time to go home, I gave him a goodbye kiss. And I had a crush on him ever since.

Serena: Wow

Bonnie: Amazing

Tohka: You said it. When I develop feelings for Shido, everything changed. But Origami tries to steal Shido from me!

Tino: Hey! Hey! Hey! Don’t get started on that now!

Origami: Shido is my boyfriend, and you’re can’t get between him and me!

Shido: Come on guys, can’t you two just get along

Tohka and Origami: NO!!

Ash: Man, Tohka and Origami sure are fighting over Shido

Tino: Yeah, I hope that the girls don’t fight over you, too.

Serena: Ash, would you sit with me?

Ash: Sure.

May: Ash, would you sit with me?

Ash: uh?

Serena: HEY!! No fair! I asked him first!!

May: Well Serena, I have more feelings for Ash than you do!

Serena: NO YOU DON’T!!! I have more feelings for Ash than you do!

May: NO, I DO!!

Tino: uh, guys?

May and Serena: WHAT!!!

Tino: How about you both sit with Ash?

Doraemon: Yeah, so you two won’t have to fight over who sits with Ash! Same goes for you, Tohka and Origami! Try to get along with each other and do not fight over Shido!

May, Serena, Tohka, and Origami: Fine!!

Tino: Man! This girls sure are in love with Ash and Shido.

Doraemon: You got the right.

Tino: Well… [takes a bite of his s’more] besides they do have feelings for them.

Doraemon: [takes a bite of his yummy bun] I guess you’re right, Tino.

Alex: Yummy

Misty: Well Sue, I didn’t realize that you have a lot of feeling for Noby.

Sue: I know. When I said I hate him when he makes me mad, I didn’t mean it. I couldn’t stay mad at him because how much I love him.

Brock: I see. So you have extremely huge crush on Noby that you kept it secret from him?

Sue: yes.

Littlefoot: Hey Sneech, you got any treestars?

Cera: Yeah, we’re starving!

Sneech: In the matter of fact I do. And I have pizza, hamburgers and fries for Tino and his girlfriend.

Tino: Thanks, Sneech

Sunset Shimmer: Yeah, thank you.

Sneech: No mention it.

Evelyn: I bet they tastes good.

Todd: I know.

Myron: The class president should taste the food.

Tino: [takes a bite of his burger] Wow! This really tastes good. 

Sunset Shimmer: [kisses Tino] I’m glad you liked it, Tino.

Sue: [sighs] Noby…I wish you were here.

Jonathan: Well, time to turn in.

Petrie: [yawns] He right. Me puffed

Rick O’Connell: Well, it’s time to get some sleep.

Doraemon: [yawns] Well…you’re right O’Connell maybe we should get some sleep till we find Noby in the morning.

Alex: So tired

Todd: Me too… [yawns]

Big G: [puts out the fire] That’s the right time to sleep.

Sunset Shimmer: [puts her hand on Tino’s shoulder] I’ll sleep with you Tino.

Tino: [blushing] Okay…that’s fine with me/ [opens the entrance of his tent] Ladies first.

Sunset Shimmer: Oh Tino. You’re too kind. [gets inside the tent]

Tohka: Shido! [hugs Shido] I want to sleep with you!

Shido: Okay. [he and Tohka went inside their tent]

Maurecia: Mind if I sleep with you Todd?

Todd: um…okay

Maurecia: [punches Todd] Oh Todd, you’re too kind.

May: Ash. [takes Ash’s hands] Can I sleep with you?

Ash: Okay

Serena: WHAT!!! I was going to ask him first!!

May: Well to bad Serena, I asked first.

Serena: Why you……never mind!

[In Sue’s tent, she couldn’t sleep]

Sue: Noby…I’m so sorry I’d broke your heart.

Serena: [came in] Hey Sue, aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?

Sue: [a tear rolled down her cheek] Noby…I…I love you.

Serena: It’s going to be okay, Sue. You’ll see.

Sue: How! Noby’s my best friend! I don’t want to lose him!

Serena: Let me tell you something Sue. I had a crush on Ash, same as you have a crush on Noby. But you kept it secret from Noby, just like I did. Ash and I first met at Professor Oak’s Pokémon camp, when we’re little. I was alone, when a wild Poliwag jumped out of the bushes and scares me, causing me to fall and hurt my knee. I gotten so scared that I cried for my mother. But then, Ash came out of the bushes while looking for Poliwag and found me injured. He bandaged up my wound and help me find a way back to the campsite. Now I had developed feelings for Ash after they he helped me and had been a close friend with him ever since.

Sue: Wow, I guess you and I are the same person.

Serena: That’s right

Sue: Good night, Serena.

Serena: Good night, Sue.

[Sue and Serena fell to sleep]

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