Here's how the group share their stories and how the firefly fire goes in Equinelantis: The Lost Equestrian Kingdom.

Vinny: Come and get it!

[Vinny's wearing chef hat and he's rolling a cart with food on it]

Mako: Is there any shrimp cocktail?

Vinny: [hands him a plate with shrimp in many different styles] Knock yourself out.

Mako: [is gorging down all the shrimp on his dish]

Erza Bridger: Wow, he really loves shrimp.

Minka Mink: He is a shark afterall.

Shema: Oui.

Vinny: [hands her escargot]

Shema: Escargot, mon préféré.

Zeb: But those are snails.

Shema: Oui. Escargot is French for "Snails".

Zeb: Oh. I knew that, I was just testin' ya.

Shema: Bien sûr que vous étiez.

Judy Hopps: [opens up a thermos and pours out some carrot soup in a bowl]

Buttercream Sunday: Hey, Auntie Jud, can I have some?

Judy Hopps: Of course, you can. [pours a bowl for Bettercream]

Blitzer: Hey Vinny, give us some oil over here!

Vinny: [sets down some can of oil] Here you are.

[Blitzer grabs one and chugs it down]

Blitzer: [burps] I feel better already!

Wheelie: Now yer' talkin'!

Blitzer: Vinny! Give us another one over here.

Vinny: [gives the 2 a whole bunch of oil cans]

[the 2 starts drinking down tons of oil]

Vinny: [comes up to the equines] For all of you herbivores, salads of different kinds.

Applejack: Thank ya' Vinny.

Blitzer: [drunked] Wow! That was really insane. Ya know? [hiccups]

Vinny: [comes up to the Princesses and give them each a ceaser salad] Here you are Princesses, some fresh ceasar salads.

Princess Celestia: Thanks Vinny, they look crispier than before.

Vinny: Well, the answer is quite interesting, you see.

Wheelie: [sings while Blitzer speaks]

Scootaloo: Hey Wheelie, you okay?

Wheelie: Sure, just doin' fine Scoots. [hiccups]

Scootaloo: You don't sound good.

Wheelie: Don't so... frickin'.... sil..... [he falls over and passes out]

Blitzer: Boom, goes the dynamite! And the dynamite, is my buffer!

Vinny: Oh, God, I better see to them. [to Celesta and Luna] Enjoy. [he leaves]

Cadance: Hey, I think we should Celestia and Luna join us.

Twilight: Sure. Hey Princesses, how bout you come sit with us?

Princess Celestia: Really?

Princess Luna: You don't mind?

James: Naw, come on over here.

[They get up and start heading over]

Princess Celestia: Thanks.

Princess Luna: We could use some company.

Thomas: Then you should join us then.

Brian: Yeah.

[The 2 elder Alicorns come up to their spot]

Princess Celestia: [takes a seat]

Princess Luna: [does so too]

Thomas: You're eager to get to Equinelantis, aren't you?

Princess Celestia: What makes you say that?

Zoe Trent: You've had you muzzles in that book for the whole trip.

Princess Luna: Well, yes.

Yuna: Why, Mama?

Princess Celestia: It just, there's something up.

Brian: What do you mean?

Princess Luna: Well in this portion of the journal, it's talking about the Heart of Equinelantis.

Princess Celestia: But then turn the page, it cuts off. It's like there's a page missing.

Sir Handel: [as Stu] A page missing? A page missing?! What kind of crazy book is this? Where kind it possible be?

Princess Luna: I'm not sure, but it's not a big deal. What's important is that we find the city.

Anna: Of course, I mean it's not just the city. It's also about your father.

Princess Celestia: Yes.

Cadance: Indeed, I always had wonder about grandpa. Who he was and what he was like.

Yuna: Likewise, I wanna see grandpa too.

Princess Luna: [strokes Yuna's mane] I know you do, sweetie.



Snowdrop: I just wanna hear his voice.

Twilight: Yes, I'm looking forward to meeting your father too.

Skyla: I hope that Aunt Luna and Celestia's father is still there.

Shining Armor: I bet he is kiddo.

Stephen: Imagine, the first great city of Equestria. It will be our greatest find yet.

Mr. Krabs: All the treasures we could find!

Eddy: And maybe a lot of jaw breakers!

Mucker: Jaw breakers?

Eddy: Hey, I can dream.

Mako: You and your jaw breakers. Remember where you won that contest and got that whole train full of jaw breakers?

Eddy: I never forget about it! It was the one time where we had jawbreakers to last 3 months!

Edd: It was quite the adventure we had, and we got back our jaw breakers in the end.

Mr. Krabs: Well Jaw breakers are treasure to you.

Spongebob: Mr. Krabs, how do we know you won't try and take all the treasure for yourself like you did when you used our pirate game to find the Dutchman's treasure?

Mr. Krabs: Because Mr. Great White might shoot me with his pistol or blunderbuss.

Evan: Aw please, if y'all want ta know about findin' treasure. I remember when me, our beavers, and my comrades once find a trainload of gold in the old mine in our old home.

Timber: Who could forget about that one.

Apple Bloom: So how'd it go?

Timber: Well, we had just finished one of our loads when the caboose goes rolling away.

Steamy: We done chase the caboose till it went inta' an old mine.

Evan: We knew we had ta' git' the caboose back so we went inta' the mine.

Chomper: We then came up to a 3-way switch so we had to split up.

Timber: In the tunnel where me and Steamy were in, we came up to some old cars with tarps over them. So I took a look and there was 4.5 million pounds of purest gold.

Splinter: After we found the caboose, we took it and the gold out of the mine.

Puffy: Boy howdy, that ther' gold was sure somethang'. We got at least $90,000,000 outta it.

Brian: Wow, $65,000,000? That's quite a find.

Steamy: Aye, it is.

Minka Mink: Oh, I'm so jealous.

Rattlesnake Jake: It reminds me of the time wher' we wer' helpin' John Reid and Tonto stop Cavendish, Cole, and Fuller.

Brian: Yeah, good old times.

[later we see the group putting up tents and setting up sleeping pads]

Vinny: It's nice and sturdy.

Brian: Hey, Morley. You're going to sleep?

Morley: I sleep puff. And here. [throws blindfolds] You don't wanna know how I sleep puff.

Sunil: [puts on a blindfold and lies down on his pad] I don't wanna know either.

Snowdrop: [is struggling to put up her own tent but she's having some trouble]

Anna: [notices Snowdrop struggling] Hey, can I help you Snowdrop?

Snowdrop: Yes, Anna.

Anna: [comes over and starts pitching Snowdrop's tent]

Wreck-it Ralph: [comes up to of pile rocks and he smashes the ground with hands and covers himself up rocks]


Spongebob: [tries to sleep but is awaken by Patrick's snoring] Oh what the?

Patrick: [Snoring loudly]

Spongebob: [takes a giant cork and puts it into Patrick's mouth]

Patrcik: [garbles, spits it out] SPIDERS! [picks up a train car in his sleep and starts hitting it on the ground] SPIDERS!!

Spongebob: No, Patrick, no, Patrick, no, Patrick, no, Patrick! Wake up! It's me, SpongeBob!

Patrick: [continues hitting several times, he then goes back to sleep]

Vinny: Wanna sleep with me?

Spongebob: Okay. [but when his foot steps on the ground]

Ptarick: SPIDERS! [picks up the train car, runs over to SpongeBob, and smashes him repeatedly with the train car]

SpongeBob: No, no, no, no, no, no, no! [Patrick goes back to sleep]

Vinny: You okay?!

Spongebob: No.

Ed: BUGS!!!! [picks up a flatcar, runs over to Patrick, and smashes him with the flatcar] BUGS!!!

Patrick: AAH! TAH! OW! BA! YAW! OOF!! OW!! OW!! OW!!

Ed: BUGS!! [stops and goes back to sleep]

Brian: Can we please sleep now?

Sharky: Alright, lights out. [turns off a lamp]

[later on, everyone is fast asleep as we hear Pepper Clark and Rainbow snoring loudly]

[then the mysterious figures from before come up to the camp and start scoping around it]

Yuna: [yawns]

[the figures see her and race off]

Yuna: [her horn lights up as she walks past Pepper Clark]

Pepper Clark: [in her sleep] And then I say, "Hey man, why the long face?" [snores]

Yuna: [comes behind a rock]

[but the glow from Yuna's horn attracts a swarm of fireflies]

Yuna: What the? 

[one the flies buzzes around her]

Yuna: Hey! Shoo! [she swings around a cloth] Go away! Shoo! GET OUT OF HERE!!! [the cloth then touches one of the flies and catches fire!] HOLY MOONSHINE!!

[then several flies sets some tents on fire]

Yuna: [looks up to the giant swarm fling in] Fire.. [she then takes off running] WAKE UP!!! FIRE!!! FIRE!!! FIRE!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!

Applejack: [wakes up instantly]

Spike: Huh?

Pepper Clark: [wakes up] NO! I DIDN'T DO!! I WAS FRAMED!!!

Lampy: [hits his head]

Snowdrop: Huh?

Princess Luna: Yuna?

Ernie: (looks at a clock) [groans] That foal! (walks out of his tent) Yuna, zip your yip-yap and go back to.... [stops] sleep?

[several tents are on fire now and now the fire is a huge blaze]

Soldier: We need to get this fire out!!

[but no matter how many buckets of water are thrown onto it, the fireflies cuase the fire to spread more]

Steamy: These damn lightnin' bugs are makin' this fire too damn intense!

Dazzlen: Then let's decrease the Firefly count! [starts up his flamethrower and starts torching out several of the firefly swarms but this doesn't help that much]

[as an oil tank explodes, causing the flames to erupt into bigger flames]

Elsa: [tries to put it out with her ice blasts but each blast evaporates when they hit the fire]

Anna: Can't you put this out?!

Elsa: I can't lay out a layer thick enough, it's evaporating too fast!

Anna: What's that mean?

Elsa: The fire is too intense! And I'm dehydrated from my cryonetic powers!

Brian: [as Bob Parr] You're out of ice? You can't run out of ice! I thought you can use water in the air!

Elsa: There is no water in the air! What's your excuse, run out of force powers?!

Brian: I can't do that Elsa, the fire will spread even more!

Peter: I wanted to go bowling!

[then the fire grows more intense]

Hamburglar: Let's get out of here!!

General Dedrich: He's right. Come on! Across that bridge and into those caves! MOVE IT!! MOVE IT!! MOVE IT!!!

[everyone starts to race away and then start crossing the bridge]

Alex: Dad, look out!

Rick: Whoa! [jumps on the flatcar]

[but as everyone drives onto the bridge, some of the kerosene canisters in the camp are on fire and then they explode!]

[The bridge starts to shake]

Sunnil: Is it just me or is the bridge shaking?

[Stones fall]

[then suddenly, Steam Driller starts sliding back as his wheels spin]


[then Steam Driller starts bumping into other engines and vehicles, causing them to slide back too]

Lazlo: What's gong on?

Raj: The bridge, it's making us go the wrong way!!

Clam: Wrong way!

[Then the back of the bridge starts to collapse as the whole convoy slides back and then the bridge slams on the cliffside but the convoy continues sliding back]

Steam Claw D: Ah! Whoa! [he drives his claws into the ground, trying to slow down.]



Ernie: Alright, who's not dead? Sound off.

Everyone: [groaning]

Edd: My leg!

Minka Mink: [groans]

[then the engines' and other vehicles' headlights come on]

Dusty: Man, that was crazy ride.

Toaster: Yeah!

Skyla: Likewise.

Rainbow: Oh, my head.

Ishani: Oh.

Penny Ling: Are we dead?

Blythe Baxter: No, I don't think so.

Ironhide: We've landed in something soft.

Mucker: [examines the ground] Hmm. Pomith ash. We seem to be in the base of a dorment volcano.

Blitzer: [fires a flare] It just keeps going.

Morley: Maybe that's our key outta here.

[It stops]

Sylveon: I don't think so.

Mucker: Aparently, the magma and lava has solitified in the boles of the volcano, simply blocking the exit.

Applejack: Hold on, are you sayin' this whole volcano can blow at anytime?

Mucker: What? No! The only way for that to happen is if there was an explosive force of great magnatude.

Hera: In that case, don't try and set off an eplosives.

[then the Ghost Crew looks at Sabine who is currently working on an EMP bomb]

Sabine Wren: Um, maybe I should do this later?

Edd: Maybe we could blow the top off of this thing, and get a passage way to the surface.

Enrie: Sounds good, What do you think, Princess? [no response] Princess Celestia? Princess Luna?

Misty: That's odd, where are the Princesses?

[Somewhere else]

[Celestia and Luna are laying on the ground, Luna has a cut on her foreleg and Celestia has a cut scrape on her wing]

[Then the mysterious figures appear again]

Princess Celestia: [opens her eyes] Ah!

Princess Luna: Huh? [looks and sees the figure] EEP!

[the figures are examiming the 2 alicorns]

Princess Luna: Please don't hurt us! [she puts her leg up] Ah! [shes looks at her leg with the cut]

Strange figure: [takes a look at the cut and scrape on the 2]

Princess Celestia: What do want from us?

Strange figure: [takes his diamond necklace and touches it on the cut and scrape and then places his hooves on them]

[The 2 slightly yelp but then the figure removes his hooves and their leg and wing are healed]

Princess Luna: He's healed us.

[then the engines and other vehicles roar into life, and the figures race away]

Princess Luna: Where are they going?

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